Integrating IRIS Plus in Nuhertz FilterSolutions to Enable Fast Filter Design

This application note presents a fast filter design flow by taking advantage of both the filter synthesis from Nuhertz FilterSolutions and the 3D full-wave electromagnetic simulation from Xpeedic IRIS Plus. The combined flow offers designers a single flow for fast filter prototyping without manually transferring CAD data from layout to EM simulation, thus improving the design efficiency.


Radio-frequency (RF)/microwave filter is an important component in a high-frequency system. Designing such a filter for given performance specifications is often a tedious and iterative process.

Nuhertz FilterSolutions provides a quick and accurate approach for filter synthesis and analysis. It supports various filter topologies including distributed filters built on microstrip, stripline, or suspended substrate. However, the high frequency characteristics such as parasitic effect are not considered. Adding Xpeedic IRIS Plus, a 3D full-wave electromagnetic solver, into the flow can address this problem.

It is the purpose of this application note to demonstrate the advantages of combining circuit-based synthesis with EM-based simulation in RF/microwave filter design. Figure 1 shows the combined Nuhertz-Xpeedic flow to enable fast filter prototyping.


Figure 1 Diagram showing the combined Nuhertz-Xpeedic flow.

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