Combined IRIS-HFSS Flow for Passive Modeling and Verification in Advanced Process Nodes

This application note presents a combined IRIS-HFSS flow for passive modeling and verification in advanced process nodes, which gives IC designers not only the fast and accurate passive modeling and synthesis capability at the design stage, but also the verification capability at the sign-off stage.


Electromagnetic simulation of passives and interconnects becomes challenging for IC designers in advanced process nodes. First, an integrated environment is required in which EM simulation tool is seamlessly integrated within the design platform. Second, fast passive modeling and synthesis is needed at the design stage. Third, the very accurate three dimensional EM simulation is desired for sign-off or IC-package co-simulation.

In this application note, a combined IRIS-HFSS flow seamlessly integrated in Cadence Virtuoso platform is demonstrated, as shown in Figure 1. At the design stage, IRIS and iModeler enable fast passive modeling and synthesis with its accelerated Method of Moments (MoM) solver engine and artificial neural network(ANN) technique. At the verification stage, HFSS enables accurate 3D simulation and possible IC-package co-simulation.


Figure 1 Combined IRIS-HFSS flow for IC designers.

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