ViaExpert: 3D Via Modeling and Simulation

Impedance discontinuity in the signal path has a significant impact on signal integrity for high speed channel design. Among the many discontinuities, via discontinuity is the critical one which requires extra attention in channel design. Three-dimensional full-wave EM simulation is constantly used to analyze via discontinuity. Conventional 3D full-wave simulation approach suffers from various drawbacks including the complex model creation and the long simulation time. ViaExpert provides a fast and accurate way to simulate via structures for both pre-layout and post-layout scenarios. For pre-layout analysis, various built-in templates allow users to quickly assemble the models, analyze and optimize SMA, SMD, AC Cap, via array and BGA physical parameters based on design constrains. The model can also be built by extracting the area of interest from the existing layout. The fast 3D FEM and hybrid solver yields accurate results with unprecedented speed. Optimal 3D mesh improves the simulation accuracy and speed. The powerful parameterization on the critical via variables such as antipad size, trace escape layer, and backdrill layer enables quick what-if analysis. Additional features such as exporting to HFSS and CST are also provided for quick benchmarking.

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