iModeler: Fast PDK Model Generation

A process design kit (PDK) is a set of files used within the semiconductor industry to model a fabrication process for the design tools used to design an integrated circuit. With a PDK, designers can jump-start chip design and work through the design flow seamlessly, from schematic entry to tapeout. PDK accuracy is essential for RFIC designs and increase the chances of first-pass successfully silicon. Cadence Virtuoso based schematic and layout flow is widely adopted for RF designs. iModeler allows PDK engineers to stay in Cadence Virtuoso design environment to easily create the parameterized cells (PCells), accurate parameterized equivalent circuit SPICE model, symbols and technology files. The fast 3D method of moments solver with both multi-core and distributed parallelization greatly reduces the EM simulation time thus improves PDK generation efficiency. Artificial Neural Network (ANN) based synthesis flow provides an efficient way to synthesize the passive components with +/-5% for 90% of samples, and greatly help IC designers to reduce the design cycles and achieve first-pass silicon success.

Please click the link below to download the file.