Automated Crosstalk Scan, Impedance Scan and DRC+ for Signal Integrity Signoff

Crosstalk analysis for high speed PCB design becomes more and more important due to the high data rate and tightly coupled routing. Traditional circuit-based analysis can not meet the accuracy demand. Three-dimensional (3D) full-wave electromagnetic solver is required to capture the complex 3D PCB environment and the frequency-dependent phenomena. This paper introduces a novel hybrid solver technology with both speed and accuracy. Crosstalk metrics to quantify the crosstalk level are also developed by post-processing S-parameter. Combining these two techniques allows designer to achieve full board crosstalk in a few hours as planned, which significantly reduces the post-layout check time and ensure timely sign-off.

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Fast and Accurate Fiber Weave Modeling and Simulation

As the data rate of SerDes channel increases from 25Gbps to 56Gbps and 112Gbps, the requirement for timing skew of differential signals is becoming tighter and tighter. The skew of differential pairs can be introduced by the unbalanced differential trace routing on glass weaves. In high-speed PCB designs, there are many possible combinations considering different glass weave patterns and different trace routings, which makes quantifying the impact of glass weave on skew a challenging task. It requires electromagnetic simulation tool vendor to come up with the design guideline for PCB engineers.

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Accurate Dk/Df Extraction for High-speed SI Applications

This application note presents an accurate way to perform dielectric constant (Dk) and dielectric loss (Df) extraction over a wide range of laminate materials for high-speed SI applications. The Through-Only De-embedding (TOD) method with optimization is used for this Dk/Df extraction. The resultant frequency dependent material models is ready to be used in electromagnetic simulation tools in market.

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IEEE P370 Compatible De-embedding and Quality Check for Measured S-parameters up to 50Ghz

This application note presents an IEEE P370 compatible and competitive de-embedding and quality check method for measured S-parameters up to 50Ghz in SnpExpert, which gives SI engineers a fast and easy way to post-process and assess S-parameters.

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MWC 2019

一年一度的 MWC 世界移动通信展会2/25-2/28在巴塞罗那如火如荼的举行。这期间,各大厂商们“蓄谋已久”的年度大招频出,这些技术将对如今越来越同质化的手机通信市场带来耳目一新的新鲜元素,并引领整个行业革新和创新趋势。微信图片_20190227101147

特殊玻璃行业的全球领导厂商康宁公司联合芯禾科技,在本次大会上发布了针对5G射频前端模组和Wifi应用的玻璃通孔(ThroughGlass Vias, TGV)解决方案。







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Xpeedic’s IRIS Qualified on GLOBALFOUNDRIES 12LP Process for High-Performance Applications

Cupertino, CA. — Feb 20, 2019 —Xpeedic Technology, Inc. today announced that its 3D full-wave electromagnetic (EM) simulation tool, IRIS, has been qualified on GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ 12nm Leading-Performance (12LP) process technology. This qualification enables designers to run IRIS with confidence using the certified IRIS process file available on GF’s 12LP FinFET semiconductor manufacturing process.

GF’s 12LP technology provides as much as a 10 percent improvement in logic circuit density and more than a 15 percent improvement in performance over 14nm FinFET solutions, satisfying the processing needs of the most demanding compute-intensive applications from artificial intelligence and virtual reality to high-end smartphones and networking infrastructure.

“Accurate EM simulation tools are critical for successful first design pass for our clients’ compute-intensive applications,” said Richard Trihy, vice president, Design Enablement at GF. “The qualification of Xpeedic’s EM tool provides designers predictable EM simulation results for advanced process technologies.”

“We are very pleased that IRIS is able to achieve excellent correlation with measurement and thus qualified for GF’s 12LP process,” said Dr. Feng Ling, CEO of Xpeedic Technology, “As GF FDXcelerator and RFwave member, Xpeedic will continue the collaboration with GF on various process technologies to help our mutual clients with innovative solutions and services.”

The electromagnetic qualification program by GF ensures that every EM tool qualified by the program meets GF’s highest quality standards. With this qualification, IC designers can choose their preferred EM simulation tool, and its corresponding process file, to ensure their design confidence and reduce time-to-market.