Xpeedic to Exhibit at IMS2020

Date: Aug 4-6, 2020

A Virtual Experience (Click here to enter Xpeedic Virtual Booth)

Xpeedic will showcase its latest 5G RF solution at the 2020 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS) .

Xpeedic RF solution spans from IC, filter, to package. Its on-chip passive modeling and simulation tool IRIS, certified by foundries, helps RFIC designers to achieve first-pass silicon success. Its package extraction tool Metis enables fast package extraction for RF SiP. Its filter design tool XDS provides a complete flow from schematic, layout, to post-layout simulation to design IPD, SAW, and BAW filters. Xpeedic RF solution further enables RF front end miniaturization with the IPD designs from spec to volume production.



IRIS enables on-chip passive modeling and simulation for RFIC designs. With its accelerated 3D EM solver, advanced process support, and seamless Virtuoso integration, IRIS helps RFIC designers to achieve first-pass silicon success.



Metis provides fast package modeling and simulation for various package types. It supports System-in-Package (SiP) which is getting more and more adoption with the 5G RF front end being more modularized. It also supports IC-package co-simulation so that package impact can be captured.



The newly release XDS is a dedicated tool for RF filter designs. It provides a complete filter design flow from schematic to layout to post-layout co-simulation. It supports multiple filter types including IPD, SAW, and BAW. Built-in filter topology for quick schematic creation, built-in spec libraries, auto layout generation, tuning and optimization make filter designs easier.



Xpeedic advanced IPD technology to enable passive integration for 5G RF front end, helping customers to achieve faster design convergence from spec to volume production.

Xpeedic will also present at IMS MicroApps  and Industry Workshop:



Industry Workshop


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Xpeedic Unveils Release 2020 for High-Speed Digital Solution

Xpeedic releases the 2020 version of its high-speed digital solution with many new technologies, new capabilities, and new features. The new releases for the other product lines such as IC simulation, package simulation, and high-performance cloud solution will come next.

The new release  further strengthens Xpeedic EDA product proposition: fast, accurate and user friendly, empowered by several new technologies including machine learning based synthesis engine, AMI adaptive optimization algorithm for channel simulation, and various optimization methods and DOE algorithms.


The release highlights include:

New Capabilities

  • ChannelExpert: the industry first system-level high-speed channel simulation platform based on adaptive optimization technology, the newly developed pre-layout simulation with multiple built-in templates for automated analysis and optimization, a total of 43 channel standards including 200GBASE-KR4 and CEI-56G-PAM4, for automatic compliance check and report generation.
  • SnpExpert: the industry first automatic multi-pole Dk/Df extraction of high-speed PCB material property, more industry standards and compliances added, support server deployment with remote access by third-party tools.
  • TmlExpert: the new and faster artificial intelligence based transmission line synthesis flow, improved 2D RLGC, 2.5D MoM and 3D FEM electromagnetic field simulation engines.
  • JobQueue: add AWS to the simulation job management platform, support the hybrid mode to combine both local computer infrastructure and AWS cloud.

New Features

  • Hermes: based on multiple industry-leading simulation engine technologies including FEM and and Hybrid solvers, it supports multi-package and PCB co-simulation to meet the fast simulation requirements of high-speed SerDes and DDR on the package and board level, and can also meet RF/digital Hybrid simulation requirements.
  • ViaExpert: the comprehensive via modeling and simulation tool with more built-in parameterized templates including connector footprint, via array, SMA, BGA, and SMP and improved parametrics and optimization.
  • CableExpert: built-in coax, twinax and USB cable templates to help users quickly build 3D models and analyze cable characteristics. It has become the industry most convenient cable modeling and analysis tool.
  • LibManager: the online device management platform for devices such as inductors, capacitors, and beads, directly interface with the SI and PI simulation tools in the market.

Xpeedic to Exhibit at DAC2020

【As the premier conference for the design and design automation of electronic circuits and systems, the 57th DAC (Design Automation Conference) program has expanded to also include many verticals closely integrated with and/or dependent on cutting-edge electronic design automation. Along with a large exhibit floor featuring top EDA, design on cloud and IP companies, stellar keynote sessions and endless networking, the topics below will be represented on both the industry and academia portions of the DAC program.】


Date: July 20-24, 2020

A Virtual Experience

Xpeedic Technology will showcase its latest simulation-driven EDA solution from Chip, Package to System at the 2020 Design Automation Conference (DAC).

It includes the following highlights:


1. High Speed High Frequency EDA Solution


  IC Category

On-chip passive modeling and simulation for RF and high performance analog designs for mobile, connectivity and optical applications
  • RFIC Passive Simulation
  • Analog/Mix Signal IC Passive Simulation
  • RF PDK Turn Key Solution


Package Category

Package modeling and simulation ranging from low cost packages to high performance interposer with TSV for mobile, networking and server applications

  • RFFE Module Simulation
  • Advanced Package Simulation
  • System in Package Simulation


System Category

Package and board level Signal Integrity analysis for high speed digital system designs in servers, storage and networking

  • RF PCB System Simulation
  • High Speed Digital System Simulation

2. Foundry Technology Support

Xpeedic EDA supports mainstream foundry nodes, including:


3. Xpeedic Cloud Platform on AWS

The Xpeedic Cloud Solution built on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) supports a wide range of instant types including both compute-optimized types and memory-intensive types. Xpeedic’s EM solver technologies support both multi-core parallelism and distributed computing, making them very suitable for cloud computing. Moreover, Xpeedic’s own job scheduler JobQueue manages the computer resource as well as prioritizes the simulation jobs. With the near infinite amount of resources available in the AWS cloud, Xpeedic can now help its customers better achieve scalability for their most demanding simulation jobs.


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