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Xpeedic to Present at the 6th Shanghai FD-SOI Forum and 2018 RF-SOI Workshop

Date: September 18-19, 2018 Place: Shanghai, China The 6th Shanghai FD-SOI Forum & 2018 International RF-SOI Workshop will be held in Shanghai at September 18-19, 2018. The 6th Shanghai FD-SOI Forum The 6th Shanghai FD-SOI Forum will be focused on FD-SOI applications, products, in particular AIoT and automotive electronics. There are keynote speeches by executives […]

Fast Full Board Crosstalk Scan for Signal Integrity Sign-Off for High Speed PCB Designs

Abstract—Crosstalk analysis for high speed PCB design becomes more and more important due to the high data rate and tightly coupled routing. Traditional circuit-based analysis can not meet the accuracy demand. Three-dimensional (3D) full-wave electromagnetic solver is required to capture the complex 3D PCB environment and the frequency-dependent phenomena. However it is prohibitively expensive to […]

An Empirical Model for Foamed High-Speed Cable

Abstract—As the foaming technology becoming widely adopted for high-speed cable, the challenge of modeling the generic foaming which is a combination of skin and foam structure becomes critical for both cable design and channel analysis. An empirical model is proposed and validation with measurements are presented in this paper for targeted applications. Please click the […]

IRIS: Fast EM Simulation with Virtuoso Integration

In high frequency silicon circuit design, passive devices, interconnect, and their mutual coupling have to be taken into account via electromagnetic (EM) simulation. Full-wave EM simulation is becoming necessary to cover the RF frequency of interest including multiple harmonics compared to quasi-static RC extraction. Cadence Virtuoso based schematic and layout flow is widely adopted for […]

ViaExpert: 3D Via Modeling and Simulation

Impedance discontinuity in the signal path has a significant impact on signal integrity for high speed channel design. Among the many discontinuities, via discontinuity is the critical one which requires extra attention in channel design. Three-dimensional full-wave EM simulation is constantly used to analyze via discontinuity. Conventional 3D full-wave simulation approach suffers from various drawbacks […]