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EDA Workshop

尊敬的工程師夥伴, 隨著芯禾科技EDA工具的使用者愈來愈廣,我們很榮幸的向大家推出《芯禾科技EDA…
EPEPS 2017

EPEPS 2017

Date: Oct 15-18, 2017. Location: San Jose, CA, US EPEPS (Electrical Performance of Electronic Packaging and Systems) is the premier international conference on advanced and emerging issues in electrical modeling, analysis and design of electronic interconnections, packages and systems.

SMIC 2017 Technology Symposium(Shanghai/Beijing)

Time & Location Wednesday, Sept 13, 2017 in Shanghai Thursday, Oct 12,2017 in Beijing Xpeedic Technology will be exhibiting at the SMIC 2017 Technology Symposium Shanghai and Beijing on Sept. 13 and Oct. 12, 2017.

Training Program

尊敬的工程师伙伴, 随着芯禾科技EDA工具的使用群体越来越广,我们很高兴的向大家推出《芯禾科技EDA培训系列课程》,以帮助大家更直接的掌握我们软件的应用技巧和实战攻略。本期课程将围绕高速数字设计,和大家一起探讨“5G时代下的高速系统设计挑战和方法”。