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System Solution
ChannelExpert – Channel Exploration


With the rapid development of cloud computing, Internet and IoT, the electronics industry is driven by Moore's law, the function of products is stronger and stronger, the degree of integration is higher and higher, the speed of signals is faster and faster, and the R & D cycle of products is also getting shorter and shorter. As electronic products continue to be miniaturized, refined, and high-speed, high-speed channel design needs to fully consider the entire complete communication link from the sending end, vias, connectors, and transmission lines to the receiving end, and support the accurate simulation of IBIS models, AMI models, and transmission line model and S-parameters. The traditional SPICE time-domain simulation method is difficult to ensure the accuracy and convergence of the simultaneous cascading of S-parameters and transmission lines in the case of multiple ports. ChannelExpert can model and simulate more conveniently and accurately, helping designers quickly check critical path signal integrity indicators, such as insertion loss, return loss, eye diagram, ISI, and crosstalk. ChannelExpert uses the industry's most advanced frequency domain cascading technology to quickly achieve accurate cascading of multiple S parameters. It can be combined with Hermes PSI to extract the equivalent topology of the network of interest with one click. ChannelExpert is embedded a 2D FEM transmission line solver to quickly calculate the RLGC, impedance, delay and other characteristics of any number of transmission lines. ChannelExpert is embedded with the industry's most advanced time-domain simulator, supports the latest version of IBIS and AMI model simulation, including NRZ and PAM-4 modulation modes, equalization and pre-emphasis technology, drawing PAM-4 eye diagrams and automatically extracting PKG parameters. As a high-speed channel simulation platform, ChannelExpert supports COM analysis, Crosstalk analysis, frequency domain analysis, transient analysis, parameterization and optimization simulation, and deeply integrates the basic drawing functions of SnpExpert to facilitate users to view the simulation results.


ChannelExpert provides a fast, accurate and simple method to evaluate, analyze and solve high-speed channel signal integrity problems, and is embedded the most advanced time domain simulation engine, electromagnetic field simulation engine and frequency domain cascade technology. Xpeedic ChannelExpert is the only system level full channel automatic extraction tool in the industry, which supports automatic analysis of crosstalk effects between multiple boards and channels; The embedded self-developed frequency domain and statistical eye diagram simulation engine can realize the functions of full channel frequency domain analysis, crosstalk analysis, com analysis and statistical eye diagram analysis; Supporting the pre-simulation and post-simulation of the SerDes channel of NRZ/PAM4, the built-in efficient optimization engine can automatically tune various equalization methods of the channel such as DFE/FFE/CTLE, and can be evaluated the influence of various types of jitter on the final eye diagram, can output a standardized simulation report. The embedded PDA / der fast eye diagram generation technology can give the eye diagram and bathtub curve considering the influence of ISI and xtalk with the incomparable speed advantage of traditional tran simulation. The built-in PCIE transmitter and receiver can support automatic equalization calculation of PCIE versions.

Main Features

  • Optimize the schematic diagram, manually build users operation efficiency, and enhance the time-domain waveform display function;

  • Support PDA (Peak Distortion Analysis) analysis, quickly calculate the inner contour of channel eye diagram through the unit impulse response, and give the influence of ISI and xtalk sources on eye diagram margin;

  • Support DER (Double Edge Response) analysis, which can quickly evaluate channel eye diagrams with asymmetric rising and falling edges, and give the influence of ISI and xtalk sources on eye diagram margin;

  • Support IBIS-AMI model statistical eye diagram simulation and bit by bit tran simulation (ibis excluded);

  • Support PCIE3.0/4.0/5.0 channel evaluation, can calculate equalization parameters, calculate eye diagrams and bathtub curves, and evaluate the impact of crosstalk channels;

  • Support the equivalent path topology model that combines Hermes PSI to split the signal link according to via/trace and other links;

  • Support DDR analysis, eye diagram simulation and xtalk evaluation for DDR;

  • Support users to define compliance through formulas and piecewise functions;

  • Support the addition of eye diagram templates, and provide several templates such as rectangle, hexagon, diamond, etc.;

  • Upgrade COM (Channel Operating Margin) to version 3.1;

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