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System Solution
Notus - PI/SI/Thermal Analysis Platform


High speed power and signal analysis is becoming more and more challenging because of the ever-increasing data rate and decreasing routing area. As operation power voltage continue drops, and current increases, power integrity and thermal analysis is a key to insure the quality of electronic products.

Also, more and more signals need to be analyzed during design, such as quickly analysis for signal quality and modeling for high-speed signal interconnects on the premise of ensuring quality, it is the pressure for electronic engineer.

Notus is a convenient and easy-to-use simulation platform for chip / package / board level signal integrity, power integrity, model extraction and electro-thermal analysis in high-speed system, which can help designers easily analyze and design qualified power system and signal interconnects for electronic products.


Notus is a software that can process the electromagnetic field model of signal and power supply efficiently and accurately, it has applied a variety of electromagnetic simulation algorithms, as well as the application of system signal integrity and power integrity. Notus also provides electro-thermal simulation for PCB and Package. The supported simulations as the follwoing:

Power DC Analysis: Notus provides fast and accurate power DC analysis for possible design issues such as voltage drop, current density, and via current.

Power AC Analysis: The AC analysis of power network mainly focuses on the frequency domain impedance. Notus can extract the frequency domain impedance of power network and automatically optimize the decaps according to the frequency domain impedance.

Signal EM Modeling: For signal bus electromagnetic field modeling such as DDR, using three-dimensional full wave analysis will take a long time. Notus provides a fast and accurate electromagnetic field modeling solution for signal bus to meet engineering requirements.

Signal Topology Extraction and Simulation: It provides a solution to quickly check the quality of signal waveform. It only needs to assign the model of the devices and give the excitation, select the signal in the layout, extract the circuit models of signal routing, and then conduct time-domain waveform simulation.

Electro-thermal analysis: The temperature will rise due to the thermal power consumption of the devices. At the same time, when the current flows through the conductor, the conductor will produce Joule heat, which will also cause the temperature rise. Notus provides a solution for electro-thermal co-analysis, which can accurately evaluate the temperature change of the system by considering the influence of devices and Joule heat at the same time.

Main Features

  • Support *.brd, *.mcm and *.sip designs.

  • Support ODB++ file.

  • Flow-based operations, which are easy of use and reduce the pre-prepare time.

  • Power AC and DC algorithms, Momsolverplus, transmission line modeling, via modeling, electrothermal algorithm and other electromagnetic field solvers provide high-precision and high-quality solutions.

  • DC Power analysis. It can help users analyze DC effects of power supply, and check the DC voltage drop, current and current density distribution.

  • AC Power analysis. It includes power AC impedance modeling and automatic decap optimization.

  • Signal EM modeling. It provides a quick and accurate way for signal S-para model extraction. Consider the performance and accuracy, it is suitable for signal buses modeling, e.g. DDR signal buses.

  • Signal topology extraction and simulation. It based on the layout, the signal net can be selected, the IBIS models can be assigned to the devices, the stimulus can be set to the driver, and then the circuit topology of the signal net can be directly extracted for signal time domain waveform analysis. The trace routings and vias are modeled by different solvers based on the actual layout to simulate the signal waveform.

  • Electro-thermal analysis. It considers the Joule heat generated by the conductor current of DC electrical simulation and the thermal power consumption of the devices, the electro-thermal simulation is carried out accurately to obtain the package / board temperature distribution.

  • Python script support. The operations can be recorded by Python scripts, and it can be edited, which is convenient to realize simulation automation.

  • Support layout open/short checking

  • Settings can be imported/exported, and reused..

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