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IC Solution
iVerifier – Passive PDK Verification


PDK model quality is essential for designers to design ICs with confidence. Typically PDK models are in the form of parameterized formula as function of physical parameters of the device, which are created via a mathematical data fitting process on either measured or simulated samples. The model quality is highly dependent on the number of samples and the number of terms in the fitted model. Xpeedic iVerifier provides a quick way to allow PDK engineers or IC designers to assess the PDK model quality by sweeping the model physical parameters and visualizing the model from various plots and tables. The built-in model templates offer designers an easy way to extract the electrical parameter from the model. The rich plot function allows designers to visualize the electrical parameters as function of physical parameters. Simply by examining the plots, the designers can assess the PDK model accuracy and the PDK completeness in terms of design space coverage.


  • Supports parametric scanning of the two processes of schematic and layout, and adopts Spectre and EM simulation respectively.

  • Multiple model calculation templates are built in to quickly extract electrical parameters.

  • Integration with main design platforms.

Main Features

  • Embedded multi-function visual data analysis, data processing module

  • Accelerated MOM solution simulate complex electromagnetic environment including skin effect, proximity effect and multilayer dielectric losses

  • Support adaptive mesh,auto defined metal model (sheet, thick, 3D), auto defined mesh size based on model physical size

  • Support for parallel and distributed computing

  • Support 3D model display

  • Support HFSS project export

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