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Package Solution
HERMES SI – Package and Board level signal integrity analysis


Impedance discontinuity in the signal path has a significant impact on signal integrity for high speed channel design. Among the many discontinuities, via discontinuity plays an important role in the high speed channel design. Three-dimensional full-wave EM simulation is constantly used to analyze via discontinuity, but there are many defects in the traditional 3D full-wave simulation, for example, the model creation is complex and time-consuming.

Product Introduction

HERMES SI is an application which use three-dimensional full-wave EM simulation to deal with high-speed serial circuit. It provides a fast and accurate import brd models, check the signal integrity metrics such as insertion loss, return loss, and crosstalk; it also allows designer to perform simulation and track processing for the post-layout model.
HERMES SI supports following main features:

  • Optimized mesh algorithm improves simulation speed and precision

  • Fast 3D FEM solver provides high-precision, high-quality solution

  • Hybrid solver provides high-speed solution, performance is higher than similar products in market

  • Support import brd model

  • Manually add port, analysis setting

  • The 3D view function makes the model checking more easily and visually

  • Support export result to HFSS and CTS


  • Built-in full wave FEM3D solver and Hybrid solver.

  • Automatic port generation simplifies EM analysis setup.

  • Seamlessly link to SnpExpert for S-parameter viewing and post-processing.

Main Features

  • The FEM3D solver provides high-precision, high-quality simulation results. While the Hybrid solver focuses on simulation speed and provides a solution for rapid analysis

  • Optimization mesh improves the simulation accuracy and speed

  • Support PCB and package Co-simulation

  • Support to create and edit Bondwire, Solder ball

  • Support material library and padstack library management

  • Support the latest tabbed routing template for quick modeling

  • Support to import ODB++ , IPC-2581, Allegro brd\mcm\sip, PADS ASC file

  • 3D-View makes the model check easier

  • Add a recent project management panel to achieve a quick preview of recent projects

  • Support to quickly edit trace and padstack

  • Support cutting a smaller rectangler or polygonal area by for analysis , reducing simulation scale

  • Support export models to third-party tools, such as HFSS or CST

What's New in Hermes 2020.01

  • Support import, display and edit Rigid-Flex PCB

  • Optimize algorithm to improve accuracy

  • Support import dummy net

  • Support component filtering

  • Support editing drilling material and copper roughness, export to HFSS

  • Support isolated copper removal option

  • Support editing air box

  • Support adding different solder balls to different pads of the chip

  • Support separate display of solder balls and dielectric of different layers

  • Support batch editing port

  • Support adding lump ports on solder balls

  • Support output S-parameter/Y-parameter/Z-parameter


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