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Cloud Solution
JobQueue – Simulation Job Queue System


JobQueue is a web system to manage your HFSS job, based on Client/Server mode, so it’s quite easy to deployment, once you set up all required preconditions in server side, others from world-wide can use this system with only IE Browser. Also it’s easy to use, anyone with IE browsing experience can pick up soon. In JobQueue, all HFSS jobs will dispatch automatically to different machines in order to maximum hardware resource utilization; Batch mode simulation help customer save HFSS GUI license; Network sharing capability makes HFSS project only one copy, which greatly improve file exchange and management; also you can select different run types, for example, sweep or mesh only.


  • B/S architecture based system, and easy to deploy,upgrade and use.

  • Support to view intermediate data of HFSS project on browser.

  • Automatically identify compute nodes.

Main Features

  • Integrates various simulation tools,including but not limited to: HFSS,Spectre,ViaExpert,IRIS

  • Priority based queueing system, maximum the computer utilization

  • Support Job distribution to computer cluster to maximize the computing power, including LSG, SGE and HPC

  • Unified management of multiple simulation tasks through web pages

  • Support to check project file base on some designed rules

  • Support to respectively distribute simulation resource to mesh and sweep

  • Support to real time check simulation status on browser

  • Support to download simulation result on browser

  • Support job information stat for queue

  • Support to set limitation for computing resource of job

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