Fast RFIC Passive Extraction

  • 3D full-wave EM solver
  • Multi-core parallelization and distributed computing
  • Accurate modeling of substrate loss and conductor skin effect
  • Large number of port model extraction and back-annotation to schematic


Fast RFIC and MMIC Passive Extraction

  • Support import IRIS project file modeling
  • Support import GDS file modeling
  • Support serpentine routing model modeling
  • Support RFIC modeling
  • Support RFPCB modeling
  • Support import Allegro RFPCB component with one click
  • Support stackup setting by layer
  • Support mesh size setting based on frequency
  • Auto port searching simplifies EM setup
  • Support metal 3D model to capture sidewall effect, and make it suitable for 45nm technology and below
  • Support metal-slot removal option to improve simulation speed
  • Introduce multi-threading technology to Green’s Function, greatly improve the database creation efficiency
  • Optimized mesh to balance speed and accuracy, support rectangle and triangle mixed mesh to improve simulation speed
  • Auto via array disfeaturing when generate mesh file
  • Support 3D model display
  • Support parallel processing techniques, especially for multi-threading processing
  • Support batch simulation when multiple simulation jobs exist
  • Support EM simulation results back-annotation
  • Support export IRIS Plus model to HFSS with one click


Fast PDK Model Generation

  • Parameterized Layout Design
  • PDK EM Model Extraction
  • PDK Equivalent Circuit Generation
  • Customized PDK Generation
  • Automatical Simulation Data Post-Processing
  • Large Number of Parameters Sweeping Technology
  • Correlation between PDK Measurement & Simulation


RF Passive PDK Verification

  • Seamless integration with the design platform of Cadence Virtuoso.
  • Supports parametric scanning of the two processes of schematic and layout, and adopts Spectre and EM simulation respectively.
  • Multiple model calculation templates are built in to quickly extract electrical parameters.
  • Embedded multi-function visual data analysis, data processing module.
  • Accelerated MOM solution simulate complex electromagnetic environment including skin effect, proximity effect and multilayer dielectric losses.
  • Support adaptive mesh,auto defined metal model (sheet, thick, 3D), auto defined mesh size based on model physical size.
  • Support for parallel and distributed computing.
  • Support 3D model display.
  • Support HFSS project export.


S-parameter Exploration

  • Both frequency domain S-parameter and TDR plot
  • One-click to define diff pairs and victim/aggressor pairs
  • Built-in crosstalk plots including FEXT, NEXT, PSXT, ILD, ICN, and ICR
  • Built-in compliance metrics
  • Built-in passivity/causality/reciprocity/stability metrics
  • Built-in delay and skew calculator
  • Built-in template plot for RF components
  • Built-in Tline2D Calculator
  • Built-in Thru-Only De-embedding


Via Modeling and Simulation

  • Optimized mesh function improves simulation speed and precision.
  • Fast 3D FEM solver offers better fidelity and quality.
  • Fast Hybrid solver offers better capacity and speed compared to other tools in market.
  • Multiple ways to create models or import Allegro brd.
  • Use templates to create SMD/SMA/AC Decap model
  • Auto port generation simplifies EM analysis setup.
  • Support parametric and optimization sweep simulation.
  • 3D-View makes the model check easier.
  • Export to HFSS and CTS.
  • SnpExpert displays S-parameter and TDR.


Channel Exploration

  • Easy multiple channel creation by table with only one-click
  • Built-in substrate and stackup databases
  • Parametric S-Parameter and transmission line physical parameters for easy channel exploration
  • Integrate SnpExpert into ChannlExpert seamlessly to automate compliance check for popular standards like CEI-25G-LR, IEEE 802.3bj and others.


Cable Modeling and Simulation

  • Built-in template to allow easy cable modeling
  • Support different drain types including center drain and dual drain
  • Support different twine shielding including longitudinal and wrapping twine shielding
  • Auto port generation to simplify EM setup
  • Supports parametric sweep for easy what-if analysis
  • 2D FEM solver to generate RLGC model
  • 3D FEM solver to generate S-parameter model
  • Interface to HFSS


TML Modeling and Simulation

  • Transmission line calculator for SE, differential, and N-trace microstrip and stripline
  • Built-in serpentine line template
  • Built-in tabbed routing template
  • Parametric support for parameter sweep
  • 2D Finite Element Method (FEM) for transmission line calculator
  • 3D Finite Element Method (FEM) for serpentine lines and tabbed routing lines


Package and Board level signal integrity analysis

  • Optimized mesh algorithm improves simulation speed and precision
  • Fast 3D FEM solver provides high-precision, high-quality solution
  • Hybrid solver provides high-speed solution, performance is higher than similar products in market
  • Support import brd model
  • Manually add port, analysis setting
  • The 3D view function makes the model checking more easily and visually
  • Support export result to HFSS and CTS


Simulation Job Queue System

  • Both Windows and Linux simulation platform were supported, in order to meet all customers’ requirements
  • Support multiple simulation tools, including HFSS, IRIS Plus and so on
  • Based on C/S architecture, so it’s quite easy to deploy, upgrade and play
  • Support several major browsers for better usability, such as Chrome, IE and Firefox
  • Support several user roles with different access permission, including administrator, ordinary user and super user
  • Maximize computing resource usage by fully utilizing cluster scheduler, such as LSF, SGE and PBS
  • Maximize simulation speed and efficiency by fully utilizing parallel computing and distributed computing
  • Maximize simulation tool usage and save GUI license cost by fully utilizing queuing and batch simulation technology
  • All submitted simulation projects were managed and supervised by project management module for easy back trace and reuse
  • Simulation results and convergence status real time display improve simulation efficiency and productivity


Automated SI Signoff for High Speed Design

  • Heracles provides an automated SI signoff flow for high speed design, and enable quick crosstalk scan, impedance scan and design rule check beyond Allegro
  • Built-in versatile EM solver engines with controllable accuracy and speed to achieve full board scan within a few hours, including FEM3D solver, Hybrid Solver and Pure Via Solver
  • Introduce frequency domain integrated crosstalk noise (ICN) and time domain waveform TDT as crosstalk metrics, and allows quick assessment of the crosstalk by simply comparing them against the pass/warning/failure thresholds
  • Built-in high speed I/O compliance such as Ethernet, PCI Express, DDR, USB, SATA and SAS, which crosstalk poses great challenges for high speed PCB designers with the ever increasing data rate
  • Provides two flexible ways to select crosstalk scan areas with potential SI issues, either by net matching rules defined in high speed I/O compliances or selected manually
  • Heracles XSE provides interactive interface to invoke ViaExpert to visualize, sweep and optimize crosstalk model, and also export to HFSS for better correlation
  • Support intuitive crosstalk level display for the selected nets in either a table or plot format. It also maps to the layout with different colors to allow quick hotspot location identification


Library Management Platform

  • A unified platform to search and manage your IP address and libraries, including HDL, IPD, PDK library and more
  • Based on B/S architecture, so it’s simple to install, upgrade and play
  • Supports the three major browsers for better usability; Chrome, IE and Firefox
  • Built-in version control system ensures library data access consistency and keeps operation and modification history to allow effortless traceability
  • Ensures system stability and security with residency services, monitoring services and communication services
  • Distributed file and database management service will produce complete and consistent library files instead of manual maintainance to improve library correctness and productivity
  • Supports several user roles with different access permission, including administrator, manager, and basic user
  • Publishing and updating HDL, PDK and IPD library regularly to unified share paths, and monitored by a timing service
  • Statistical graphs help users getdetailed information about library management


Fast Package and IC Co-simulation

  • Support GDSII, Allegro .brd/.mcm/*.sip import, and crop arbitrary area for simulation
  • Optimized mesh to balance speed and accuracy, support rectangle and triangle mixed mesh to improve simulation speed and convergence
  • SnpExpert provides powerful S-Parameter post-process capability
  • Metis provides an integrated design environment to simulate SI and PI for large scale silicon interposer, and simultaneously co-simulate the complete IC and package to identify their interactions
  • Accelerated 3D planar EM solver based on the Method of Moment (MoM) delivers the best performance in both speed and accuracy, and enable chip-level packaging and ICs/packages co-simulation across a range of scales from nanometer to centimeter
  • Support ICs and package co-simulation results back-annotated to Virtuoso and enable circuit level system simulation for both Windows and Linux platform
  • Support net reconstruction and net identifying, allows easy model building for SI and PI simulation
  • Support parallel processing techniques, including multi-threading processing and distributed processing to improve solver performance speedup and efficiency, and fully utilize hardware computing resources
  • Easy export Metis simulation project to HFSS with tuned simulation setting to ensure accuracy