In the field of electronic design, more and more designers use electronics aided design tools for design and simulation analysis. With the complexity of the electromagnetic environment and the increase of the working frequency band of the device, the role of simulation software has become more prominent. In the design process, the designer will carry out a large number of design and simulation work, on the one hand will generate a large number of library files and project files. On the other hand, a large number of simulation iteration work requires a large amount of simulation resources and time, but also requires a large number of allocations emulation software license. Therefore, how to systematically and uniformly manage the library and project files in the design process, and optimize the utilization of simulation resources and improve the utilization of simulation software authorization, become the key to improve the efficiency of design work.

Xpeedic Cloud Solution

A Web-based management system is designed for the aided management requirements in electronic design, including library management system and simulation resource management and scheduling system.
A customized LibManager system for importing, retrieving, previewing, publishing, and statistical library information is provided for library management. Through systematic management, it not only facilitates the management and reuse of the library, but also facilitates the recording and tracking of the revision history of the designer.
The JobQueue system for simulation optimization design, under the guidance of the concept of “leading technology, flexible deployment, and intelligent distribution”, on the one hand, minimizes the operation of ordinary users; at the same time, through intelligent queuing and scheduling, fully utilize existing computing resources to accelerate the overall simulation. Work speed and significantly reduce the amount of software licensing required for the unit simulation process. At the same time, the customization of some software gives the user more feedback on the simulation process. The specific settings of the special scene can provide the administrator with certain interventions for resource allocation. These aspects also add some humanized design to the system.

LibManager – Library Management Platform

JobQueue – Simulation Job Queue System