CableExpert – Fast and Accurate Cable Modeling and Simulation


Cable assembly is a key building component in network systems. Accurate modeling of cables is becoming a necessity to achieve the desired signal integrity with multi-gigabit data rate. Twinaxial cable used for SFP and QSFP interface in 10G/40G/100G Ethernet is such an example. Many parameters have significant impact on signal quality such as drain type and shielding pattern, to name a few. Engineers need a fast and accurate way to model and simulate the cable with high confidence in signal integrity.

Key Features

• Built-in template to allow easy cable modeling
• Provide 3D model view interface, easy access to zoom in/out, move and rotate etc.
• 2D solver enabled for simulation
• Support parametric sweep and optimization
• Support setting materials for each project and adding/removing materials, and importing and exporting CableMaterial(*.cmt) files
• Easy access to check results(Sparameters,TDR etc.) with SnpExpert

Latest Update

Create model approaches

Built-in template to allow easy cable modeling:

  • Support creating Twinaxial Cable-Center Drain- Wrapping model
  • Support creating Twinaxial Cable – Center Drain- Longitudinal 1 model
  • Support creating Twinaxial Cable – Center Drain- Longitudinal 2 model
  • Support creating Twinaxial Cable – Dual Drain model

Dual Drain: Dual Drain with longitudinal twine shielding is used for high frequency (up to 25G) application. It is difficult to make drains and signals in the same horizon that determined the SCD performance. CableExpert provides a flexible way to adjust the offset of each drains.

  • Support creating Twisted Cable-Shieldless Pair model
  • Support creating Twisted Cable – Pair model
  • Support creating Twisted Cable – Three model
  • Support creating LVDS Cable – 2 Wires model
  • Support creating IEEE – 1394 model
  • Support creating Differential Cable model

3D View

  • 3D view provides a more intuitive way to view the model, the user can set the display or hide the different modules, ports, plates, stacks and so on.

2D Solver simulation

  • 2D solver is enabled in CableExpert for generating the S-parameters.

Parametric sweep and optimization

  • Parametric sweep allows to sweep the parameters of cable and simplify the work flow of optimizing the design of cable.
  • Almost all the parameters of cable model provided in CableExpert can be swept. Users could add parameters to sweep. With CableExpert, validation of parameters could be easily checked.

Export to HFSS

  • CableExpert offers users a quick way to export to HFSS for benchmark purpose. The exported project has all the settings including layer settings, ports, traces and boundary condition and is ready to run without manual intervention, including layer settings, ports, and traces.

Results Display

The S-parameters generated by CableExpert can be displayed in SnpExpert. Users can view more parameters and results with features:

  • Single-ended and paired port conversion
  • S parameters, TDR and Eye Diagram display
  • Contain FEXT, NEXT, PSXT, ILD, ICN, ICR and other graphics display
  • Contain standard parameters such as IEEE 802.3ba, OIF CEI- 25G / 28G, etc.
  • Contain the calculation and display of passivity, causality, reciprocity, stability metrics, enforcements and other indicators.
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