CableExpert – Fast and Accurate Cable Modeling and Simulation


Cable assembly is a key building component in network systems. Accurate modeling of cables is becoming a necessity to achieve the desired signal integrity with multi-gigabit data rate. Twinaxial cable used for SFP and QSFP interface in 10G/40G/100G Ethernet is such an example. Many parameters have significant impact on signal quality such as drain type and shielding pattern, to name a few. Engineers need a fast and accurate way to model and simulate the cable with high confidence in signal integrity.

Key Features

• Built-in template to allow easy cable modeling
• Support different drain types including center drain and dual drain
• Support different twine shielding including longitudinal and wrapping twine shielding
• Auto port generation to simplify EM setup
• Supports parametric sweep for easy what-if analysis
• 2D FEM solver to generate RLGC model
• 3D FEM solver to generate S-parameter model
• Interface to HFSS

Latest Update

Template Model

  • Built-in templates to create complex parametric cable model quickly.

Template Model – Twinax Cable

    Center Drain

  • Longitudinal style
  • Wrapping style
  • Dual Drain

  • Longitudinal style

Solver Technology

  • CableExpert combines both 2D and 3D solver technologies for different application usage. All of them adopt distributed processing and multi-core parallelization which adds another level of speedup.

Center Drain

  • Center Drain with longitudinal twine shielding, used for high speed rate (25Gbps) application.
  • Center Drain with wrapping twine shielding, used for low speed rate (10Gbps) application.

 Wrapping structure causes resonance in SDD21

Dual Drain

  • Dual Drain with longitudinal twine shielding is used for high frequency (up to 25G) application. It is difficult to make drains and signals in the same horizon that determined the SCD performance. CableExpert provides a flexible way to adjust the offset of each drains.

Parametric Support

  • CableExpert supports parametric simulation for twine style with different twine gap location for longitudinal or wrapping angle for wrapping style. It allows users to easily optimize cable performance.For example, increasing wrapping angle from 30,45 to 60, we find the resonant frequency shifting to higher frequency.

Export to HFSS

  • CableExpert offers users a quick way to export to HFSS for benchmark purpose. The exported project has all the settings including port and boundary condition and is ready to run without manual intervention.