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High speed serial channel design is becoming more and more challenging because of the ever increasing data rate. At multi-gigabit per second data rate, channel designers must characterize all the pieces in the signal path from transmit to receiver including connector, via, and trace, which are typically represented by either S-parameter blocks or RLGC transmission line (TML) model. Conventional SPICE-like circuit simulator has difficulty to efficiently handle the channel with mixed S-parameter and TML models, especially with large number of ports. ChannelExpert provides a fast and accurate way to address the signal integrity issue arising from the cascaded network of S-parameter blocks and TML models. Its frequency domain cascading technology and 2D RLCG full wave transmission line solver enable quick and accurate channel simulation. Its intuitive graphic interface lets you easily design, analyze and optimize your high speed serial links for compliance with design standards. Its quick channel build by table allows easy channel setup. Its parametric support enables the quick what-if analysis by sweeping the different S-parameter models for the channel element


Statistical Eye Diagram Analysis with IBIS and AMI

With built-in statistical eye diagram analysis engine, designers can accurately simulate bit error rate and display bathtub plots.

  • One statistical simulation to attain the same coverage as a million transient simulations
  • Accurate modeling of SERDES preemphasis and equalizers for AMI model with both NRZ and PAM-4 modulation

Powerful Parallelized COM Calculation

  • COM analysis flow help qualify a channel in the context of built-in specification, including 100GBASECR4, 100GBASE-KP4, 100GBASE-KR4, CAUI-4_C2C. Tabular COM values display and 2D CTLE, PDF, ISI, Jitter and ICR plotting help user get intuitive understanding of high speed channel performance.

Full Channel Crosstalk Analysis

  • Full channel crosstalk analysis automation with only one click, including NEXT, FEXT, ICN, ILD, ICR, TDR and so on.

Multiple Ways to Create Channel

Support several ways to quickly create channel for signal integrity analysis:

  • Built-in “Add Channel by Table” to easy create channel with only oneclick
  • Built-in “Add Channel by Template” to easy create “Chip to Chip”, “Traditional Backplane”, “Orthogonal Direct Backplane” and “Orthogonal Mid-Plane Backplane”
  • Built-in “Add Channel by Layout” to batch create multiple channel based on post-layout connectivity relation. Support OD/BP channel
    quick creation and fast parametric sweep with built-in WYSIWYG slot number flow.

Multiple Ways to Create TML Model

Provides two ways to create transmission line model:

  • Built-in Substrate Model, Tline2D use substrate model to define transmission line physical parameters
  • Built-in Stackup Model, Tline2D use extracted stackup to define transmission line signal layer

3D View Display

Xpeedic developed a tool named ChannelView to display backplane and pin connectivity information in 3D view.

  • Support hierarchical display
  • Support show and hide any board
  • Support highlight channel
  • Support save x3d file

Easy Create S-parameter Model

  • Allows users to edit S-parameter’s name
  • Support reset pin direction
  • Can review frequency

Compose Schematic

  • In order to do channel simulation, ChannelExpert has the interface to put all models together
  • Support all the general operation for components in schematic like copy, flip, rotate and so on
  • To create a more intuitive simulation diagram
  • Support several independent excitation sources, such as pattern source, PRBS, pulse, PWL and DC voltage
  • Support both unencrypted and encrypted HSPICE subcircuit transient analysis with fast simulation speed

Explore Parametric Results

Support parametric and optimization for high speed channel, and easily explore parametric results in SnpExpert.

  • Built-in parametric of length and Substrate
  • Support S-parameter parametric
  • Support TML parametric

Post Process

S-parameter, v/t curve, eye diagram and all other generated results are quite convenient to display in ChannelExpert with its built-in plot module. User can enjoy more advanced features offered by SnpExpert to explore the S-parameter such as:

  • Built-in FEXT, NEXT, PSXT, ILD, ICN and ICR plots
  • Built-in compliance metrics such as IEEE 802.3ba and OIF CEI- 25G/28G
  • Built-in passivity, causality, reciprocity, stability metrics and enforcements

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