HERMES SI – Package and Board level signal integrity analysis


Impedance discontinuity in the signal path has a significant impact on signal integrity for high speed channel design. Among the many discontinuities, via discontinuity plays an important role in the high speed channel design. Three-dimensional full-wave EM simulation is constantly used to analyze via discontinuity, but there are many defects in the traditional 3D full-wave simulation, for example, the model creation is complex and time-consuming.

Product Introduction

HERMES SI is an application which use three-dimensional full-wave EM simulation to deal with high-speed serial circuit. It provides a fast and accurate import brd models, check the signal integrity metrics such as insertion loss, return loss, and crosstalk; it also allows designer to perform simulation and track processing for the post-layout model.
HERMES SI supports following main features:

  • Optimized mesh algorithm improves simulation speed and precision
  • Fast 3D FEM solver provides high-precision, high-quality solution
  • Hybrid solver provides high-speed solution, performance is higher than similar products in market
  • Support import brd model
  • Manually add port, analysis setting
  • The 3D view function makes the model checking more easily and visually
  • Support export result to HFSS and CTS


Multiple ways to create a model

HERMES SI provides a quick method to create model: Import the brd file which exported from Allegro

Clip Design for the imported brd file

Users can use three different types do the clip processing for the brd file

Fast 3D solver

Considering the requirements of precision and performance, Hermes provides two solvers: FEM3D solver has more reliable accuracy and higher quality results, hybrid solver in ensuring the premise of certain precision with faster speed, greatly improving the solving efficiency. Both of these two algorithms are combined with the parallel technology to improve the efficiency of the operation, while the use of distributed and multi-core processing, compared to the similar products on the market the solver have more advantages.

Three-dimensional model

3D view provides a more intuitive view of the model, user can set display or hide the different modules, ports, plates, stack-up, etc.

Export to HFSS and CST

HERMES SI provides users with a quick way to export the model to HFSS or CTS to be used as a baseline analysis. The exported script has all the settings, including the layer settings, ports, trace, parameters, etc..

Display results

The S parameters generated by HERMES can be displayed in our product SnpExpert. Users can view more features of the parameters and results:

  • The conversion between single ended and paired port
  • Display for S parameters and TDR
  • Display for FEXT, NEXT, PSXT, ILD, ICN, ICR etc.
  • The comparison for standard parameters, such as IEEE 802.3ba, OIF CEI-25G/28G etc.
  • The calculation and display for passivity, causality, reciprocity, stability metrics, enforcements etc.