JobQueue – Simulation Job Queue System

JobQueue is a web system to manage your HFSS job, based on Client/Server mode, so it’s quite easy to deployment, once you set up all required preconditions in server side, others from world-wide can use this system with only IE Browser. Also it’s easy to use, anyone with IE browsing experience can pick up soon. In JobQueue, all HFSS jobs will dispatch automatically to different machines in order to maximum hardware resource utilization; Batch mode simulation help customer save HFSS GUI license; Network sharing capability makes HFSS project only one copy, which greatly improve file exchange and management; also you can select different run types, for example, sweep or mesh only.


User Login

  • Support user login with both English and Chinese version, and default setting is consistent with your browser. JobQueue support several major browsers for better usability, such as Chrome, IE and Firefox.

Submit Simulation Jobs

  • JobQueue support multiple simulation tools, including HFSS, IRIS and IRIS Plus. User can upload simulation jobs from local machine to queuing system, all submitted projects will upload to file server for unified management.

Manage Job List

  • JobQueue will store all recent jobs into job list page, so that user can check the detail information for each job, including profile, convergence, mesh status and so on. Submitted jobs can be re-queue, suspend, resume, stop and even delete from job list. Job running priority can be adjusted only for privileged user.

Simulation Results Real Time Display

  • JobQueue will display real time convergence status and simulation results after dispatch jobs from queuing system to computing cluster based on priority, and help user get simulation results as early as possible.

Account Management

  • JobQueue support several user roles with different access permission, including administrator, super user and ordinary user. Administrator in charge of JobQueue system maintenance and configuration. Super user has the permission to manage both user and user group, import domain user via batch mode into JobQueue.


  • JobQueue priority based queuing system and computing node setting page help user configure computing resources, and maximize computing resource usage by fully utilizing cluster scheduler. JobQueue supports LSF, SGE and PBS farm cluster in Linux platform, PBS and HPC in windows platform. JobQueue still has built-in computing resource scheduler for both simulation platform.

Alarm Management

  • JobQueue will send notification email to notify user about the simulation status, including error, warning and normal status, and make sure user keep posted about the latest status of simulation jobs.

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