TmlExpert – Fast and Accurate TML Modeling and Simulation


Transmission lines are key building components which plays an important role in signal integrity. As data rate increases to high Gbps speed, accurate modeling of transmission lines including wideband dielectric model, conductor surface roughness, and solder mask layer is becoming necessity. Calculating impedance with 2D RLGC solver is commonly used for impedance control purpose. Given the length of the transmission line, the S-parameter, TDR, delay, and resultant eye-diagram with bit stream input are often needed. In high speed PCB layout, serpentine traces are often used to meet timing specification. Tabbed routing is newly proposed to improve the route channel utilization. However, the signal integrity impact is required to be evaluated.

Key Features

• Transmission line calculator for SE, differential, and N-trace microstrip and stripline
• Built-in serpentine line template
• Built-in tabbed routing template
• Parametric support for parameter sweep
• 2D Finite Element Method (FEM) for transmission line calculator
• 3D Finite Element Method (FEM) for serpentine lines and tabbed routing lines

Latest Update

Multiple TML template – Transmission Line Calculator

  • Microstrip
  • Stripline
  • Coupled MSLine
  • Coupled Stripline

Multiple TML template – Tabbed Routing Template

  • Inter-Digital model
  • Pin field model

Multiple TML template – Serpentine Routing Template

  • Intra pair
  • Inter pair
  • Support dielectrics wideband debye model
  • Support conductor surface roughness

Export to HFSS

  • TMLExpert offer users a quick way to export to HFSS for benchmark purpose. The exported project has all settings including port and boundary condition and is ready to run without manual intervention.

TML Calculator

  • Easy to calculate impedance delay,TDR,TDT

Tabbed Routing

  • Each template supports two stackups : microstrip and stripline. User only need to set some parameters to create a TML model. TMLExpert will add lumped ports on the edge of the traces.

Solder Mask Modeling

  • The TML model will have solder mask layer which is conformal with the trace. The material and the thickness round the trace or board can be set separately.

Tabbed Routing Benefits

  • Interdigital tabs for noise control
  • Pin field tabs for impedance control

Serpentine Line

  • Intra pair support three serpentine types

Solver Technology

  • TMLExpert combines both 2D and 3D solver technologies for different application usage. All of them adopt distributed processing and multi-core parallelization which adds another level of speedup.

Parametric Support

  • TMLExpert support parameterics simulation for tabbed routing with different tab size
  • E.g. Sweep Ltab 10mil,15mil,20mile