TmlExpert – Fast and Accurate TML Modeling and Simulation


TmlExpert is a fast and accurate Tml modeling and simulation tool.
Transmission lines are key building components which plays an important role in signal integrity. As data rate increases to high Gbps speed, accurate modeling of transmission lines including wideband dielectric model, conductor surface roughness, and solder mask layer is becoming necessity. Calculating impedance with 2D RLGC solver is commonly used for impedance control purpose. Given the length of the transmission line, the S-parameter, TDR, delay, and resultant eye-diagram with bit stream input are often needed. In high speed PCB layout, serpentine traces are often used to meet timing specification. Tabbed routing is newly proposed to improve the route channel utilization. However, the signal integrity impact is required to be evaluated.

Key Features

• Tabbed Routing and Serpentine Routing calculator
• Transmission line calculator, both Microstrip and Stripline
• Fast 3D FEM and 2D solver offer better capacity
• Make the model check easier and more intuitive with 3D view function
• Easy export model, port, boundary and setup to HFSS
• Use the SnpExpert tool to display the S parameters and TDR curves

Latest Update

Multiple Ways to Create Tml Models

TmlExpert provides quick ways to create models:

  • Tabbed routing Tml;
  • Common Tml modeling;
  • Serpentine Line modeling.

3D Model

  • 3D view provides a more intuitive view of the model, the user can setup show/hide different modules, ports, plates, stacks, etc.

FEM3D Solver

  • Considering the requirements of precision and performance, TmlExpert provides three kinds of solvers: FEM3D solver has more reliable accuracy and more high quality results, Hybrid solver in ensuring the premise of certain precision with faster speed, greatly improving the solving efficiency, Cascading solver has high simulation efficiency, using Tline2DSolver solver to obtain the S parameters of transmission line, which simplifies transmission line simulation model; above three kinds of solvers are a combination of parallel technology to improve running efficiency, at the same time, the distributed and multi core processing, compared to similar products on market have more competitive advantage.

Result Post-Process

S parameters generated by TmlExpert can be displayed through the SnpExpert. Users can view more features of the parameters and results:

  • Single ended and paired port conversion
  • Display S parameters, TDR and eye diagram
  • Include FEXT, NEXT, PSXT, ILD, ICN, ICR and other graphics display
  • Include comparison of standard parameters, such as 802.3ba OIF, CEI-25G/28G IEEE, etc.
  • The calculation and display for passivity, causality, reciprocity, stability metrics, and enforcements

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