ViaExpert – Via Modeling and Simulation

Impedance discontinuity in the signal path has a significant impact on signal integrity for high speed channel design. Among the many discontinuities, via discontinuity is the critical one which requires extra attention in channel design. Three-dimensional full-wave EM simulation is constantly used to analyze via discontinuity. Conventional 3D full-wave simulation approach suffers from various drawbacks including the complex model creation and the long simulation time. ViaExpert provides a fast and accurate way to simulate via structures for both pre-layout and post-layout scenarios. The built-in connector footprint database allows users to quickly assemble the model with connector footprint, breakout region trace, and a given stackup.

ViaExpert supports many features below

  • Optimized mesh function improves simulation speed and precision.
  • Fast 3D FEM solver offers better fidelity and quality.
  • Fast Hybrid solver offers better capacity and speed compared to other tools in market.
  • Multiple ways to create models or import Allegro brd.
  • Auto port generation simplifies EM analysis setup.
  • Support parametric and optimization sweep simulation.
  • 3D-View makes the model check easier.
  • Export to HFSS and CTS.
  • SnpExpert displays S-parameter and TDR.


Multiple Ways to Create Models

Provides multiple ways to quickly create simulation models:

  • Built-in “Create Model from Footprint” wizard to quickly create connector 3D model.
  • Built-in SMA/SMD/AC Decap Template to analyze and optimize multiple SMA/SMD/AC Decap model with crosstalk.
  • Built-in BGA Template to investigate BGA array and fanout pattern .
  • Built-in “Create Differential Via Model” template to evaluate differential vias.
  • Support Allegro *.brd/*.mcm/*.sip import, and crop arbitrary area for simulation.

Multiple Connector Database

  • Built-in multiple connector footprint database for quick via model creation, also provide Allegro plugin “dra2footprint” to batch create connector database automatically.

Fast 3D FEM Solver

  • Built-in two leading edge solver technologies for 3D model simulation, including fast 3D full-wave Finite Element Method (FEM) solver and hybrid solver. Support Adaptive frequency sweep and multi-threading processing technology to achieve excellent performance speedup.

Optimized Mesh Generation

  • Optimized tetrahedron mesh improves simulation speed and precision, also provides “Speed” and “Accuracy” mesh strategy to improve simulation efficiency.

Easy 2D Layout Edit

Provides powerful footprint window to edit 3D layout, and create simulation model quickly and intuitively in 2D environment.

  • Add and edit Lumped/Coax/Wave port for trace, via and SMD.
  • Split one via into multiple vias.
  • Combine and uncombine antipad.
  • Add tear drop, AC Decap and trace compensation.
  • Measure via/trace distance.
  • Fill plane with conductor or remove conductor.

Powerful Trace Creation

Built-in several ways to create singleended trace and differential pairs.

  • Differential pair template: built-in multiple constantly used differential pairs patterns.
  • Manual routing: support both single-ended and differential pair trace routing with arbitrary geometry.

3D Model View

  • 3D CAD model view gives user an intuitive feeling about simulation structure, and makes the model check easier.

Parametric Sweep and Optimization

  • Support parametric and optimization sweep for antipad, backdrill, trace in/out layer, SMA/SMD/BGA template physical parameters and so on, explore and optimize via structure performance, and easily explore parametric results in SnpExpert.

Result Post-Process

  • S-parameter generated from ViaExpert is displayed in SnpExpert. User can enjoy the features offered by SnpExpert to explore the S-parameter such as frequency domain and TDR view in both single ended and differential modes.

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