CableExpert – Fast and Accurate Cable Modeling and Simulation


Cable assembly is a key building component in network systems. Accurate modeling of cables is becoming a necessity to achieve the desired signal integrity with multi-gigabit data rate. Twinaxial cable used for SFP and QSFP interface in 10G/40G/100G Ethernet is such an example. Many parameters have significant impact on signal quality such as drain type and shielding pattern, to name a few. Engineers need a fast and accurate way to model and simulate the cable with high confidence in signal integrity.

Key Features

• Built-in template to allow easy cable modeling
• Provide 3D model view interface, easy access to zoom in/out, move and rotate etc.
• 2D solver enabled for simulation
• Support parametric sweep and optimization
• Support setting materials for each project and adding/removing materials, and importing and exporting CableMaterial(*.cmt) files
• Easy access to check results(Sparameters,TDR etc.) with SnpExpert

  • Implementation of Ribbon UI offered by Microsoft in their office solutions, and makes Xpeedic application keeping up with the time, and has a modern look and feel.

  • Multiple ways to create models from built-in templates to analyze cable performance, including Twinaxial Cable, Twisted Cable, LVDS Cable, IEEE 1394 Cable, Differential Cable and USB type-C cabe templates.

  • 3D-View makes the model check easier.

Main Features
  • Fast 2D FEM RLGC solver offers better capacity and speed compared to other tools in market for cable simulation
  • Support Adaptive frequency sweep and multi-threading processing technology to achieve excellent performance speedup
  • Optimal 2D mesh improves the simulation accuracy and speed
  • Auto port generation simplifies EM analysis setup
  • Support parametric and optimization sweep simulation for Twinaxial Cable, Twisted Cable, LVDS Cable, IEEE 1394, Differential Cable and USB type-C templates
  • Easy export CableExpert simulation project to HFSS for easy verification
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