SnpExpert – S-parameter Exploration


S-parameters, traditionally used in RF/Microwave design, are widely adopted by high speed digital designs as the multi-gigabit interface continues to advance to higher data rate. Xpeedic SnpExpert provides a quick way to understand the electrical characteristics of the passive interconnectors in a system by not only viewing the S-parameter in frequency domain but also examining the time domain reflectometry (TDR) .One-click definition of differential pairs and victim/aggressor setup, together with the built-in NEXT, FEXT, PSXT, ILD, ICR, and ICN, allows user to quickly evaluate the crosstalk. The built-in delay and skew calculator requires no cumbersome circuit schematic setup. The built-in compliance metrics with IEEE 802.3ap, 802.3ba, 802.3bj and OIF CEI 25G/28G standards quickly reveal the S-parameter compliance. The built-in passivity, causality, reciprocity, and stability metrics tell the quality of the S-parameter. The built-in template automates the process from S-parameter plotting to report in Word or PPT. The through-only de-embedding method helps SI engineers to quickly obtain the DUT characteristics by removing the fixture effect. The 2D RLCG full-wave solver enables quick and accurate transmission line characterization.

  • Both frequency domain S-parameter and time domain TDR/TDT plot.
  • Built-in crosstalk plots including FEXT, NEXT, PSXT, ILD, ICN, and ICR.
  • Support to generate eye-diagram from S- parameter. And support CTLE and DFE adaptive optimization and manual tuning features when plot eye diagram, also provide real time equalization preview plot to ease the tuning process.
Main Features
  • One-click to define differential pairs and victim/ aggressor pairs
  • Built-in compliance metrics ,such as IEEE802.3, OIF CEI,etc and also user defined
  • Built-in template plot for RF components
  • Built-in Thru-Only De-embedding (TOD)
  • Built-iin Open-Short/Thru De-embedding (OTD) method for on-chip de-embedding
  • Easy to half S parameter
  • Built-in delay & skew calculator
  • Support multiple data curves gating with only one click, and export the whole S-parameter after gating.
  • Built-in RLGC solver for transmission lines
  • Multi-ways to extract Dk/Df from S-parameter file
  • Built-in passivity/causality/reciprocity/stability checker
  • Support to convert S-parameter to broand band spice or Hspice RFM model
  • Support S->RLGC, RLGC->S, S->W-element transformation
  • Support complex numbers for S-parameter
  • Support to combine multiple s4p files to one snp
  • Support to import/export Touchstone 2.0
  • Support Python script to invoke most SnpExpert features, including S-parameter import, plot, add mark, TDR, TOD and so on
  • Easy to generate report including Word and PPT format
  • Save project status and user settings when software encounter abnormal situation
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