TmlExpert – Fast and Accurate TML Modeling and Simulation


TmlExpert is a fast and accurate Tml modeling and simulation tool.
Transmission lines are key building components which plays an important role in signal integrity. As data rate increases to high Gbps speed, accurate modeling of transmission lines including wideband dielectric model, conductor surface roughness, and solder mask layer is becoming necessity. Calculating impedance with 2D RLGC solver is commonly used for impedance control purpose. Given the length of the transmission line, the S-parameter, TDR, delay, and resultant eye-diagram with bit stream input are often needed. In high speed PCB layout, serpentine traces are often used to meet timing specification. Tabbed routing is newly proposed to improve the route channel utilization. However, the signal integrity impact is required to be evaluated.

Key Features

• Tabbed Routing and Serpentine Routing calculator
• Transmission line calculator, both Microstrip and Stripline
• Fast 3D FEM and 2D solver offer better capacity
• Make the model check easier and more intuitive with 3D view function
• Easy export model, port, boundary and setup to HFSS
• Use the SnpExpert tool to display the S parameters and TDR curves

  • Support to create and optimize TML with grid plane.

  • Support modeling TML’s fiberweave effect with real model.

  • Support parametric and optimization sweep simulation for Tabbed Routing, Serpentine Routing and Transmission Line templates.

Main Feautres
  • Fast FEM3D and 2D RLGC solver offers better capacity and speed
  • Optimal 3D mesh improves the simulation accuracy and speed
  • Support Adaptive frequency sweep and multi-threading processing technology to achieve excellent performance speedup
  • Built-in multiple templates for easy transmission line electrical characteristic exploration, including Tabbed Routing template, Serpentine Routing template and traditional Transmission Line template
  • Auto port generation simplifies EM analysis setup
  • 3D-View makes the model check easier
  • Support export models to third-party tools, such as HFSS
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