With the rapid growth of wireless and mobile communication, there are ever increasing demands of RF connectivity ICs. While the semiconductor process moves to advanced node technologies at 28 nm and below, the traditional quasi-static extraction is not able to accurately model the passives and interconnects. On the other hand, the 3D full-wave solver in traditional RF/microwave designs lacks the speed and usability in IC design flow. RFIC designers call for a 3D full-wave EM simulation combining both of the advantages.IRIS is such a tool, provideing the 3D full-wave accuracy which allowing designers to quickly perform EM simulation withoutleaving the layout environment.

Xpeedic IC Solution

Xpeedic Analog/RFIC solution is Xpeedic’s flagship product tailored to Analog/RFIC applications, which includes RFIC passive extraction tool IRIS, fast PDK model generation tool iModeler and RF passive PDK verification tool iVerifier. It is seamlessly integrated in Virtuoso with accelerated 3D full-wave EM solver, which allows designers to stay inside Virtuoso to run EM simulation of passives and interconnect and back-annotate to their original circuit to examine the parasitic effect.Both distributed and multi-core parallelization technology help Analog/RFIC engineer dramatically reduce time to market and R&D costs.

IRIS – RFIC Passive Extraction

IRIS Plus – Fast RFIC and MMIC Passive Extraction

iModeler – Passive PDK Model Generation

iVerifier – RF Passive PDK Verification