iModeler – Fast PDK Model Generation

iModeler allows PDK engineers to stay inside Cadence Virtuoso to create the layout and run EM simulation. The built-in fast 3D full-wave solver yields both accuracy and efficiency for PDK models. The rich set of built-in library for inductor and transformer also helps to quickly build the layout.

  • Easy generate Pcell and PDK model.
  • Built-in MoM cap, MiM cap, inductor and transformer template,Parameterized result exploration with built-in template.
  • Easy export to equivalent circuit.
Main Features
  • Passive model generation in Cadence Virtuoso
  • Support multi – thread matrix calculation, improve the calculation speed and efficiency
  • Support DRC, LVS and RCX extraction in PDK generation process
  • Auto defined mesh size based on model physical size
  • Support multicore parallelization calculation and distributed processing
  • Support optimized rectangle-triangle mixed mesh result in mesh element reduction and mesh regularization
What’s New in iModeler 2019.01
  • Unify iModeler setup and sweep windows to reduce wizard steps
  • Add new templates in iModeler, including stacked inductor, inductor with guard ring, momcap with guard ring
  • Support parametric sweep re-run when create PDK model in iModeler
  • Support cloud chart to explore multiple dimention physical parameters’ effect
  • Optimize automatic port addition process in PDK2Model flow
  • Optimize flow of export equivalent circuit, include symbol and model accuracy
  • Support parametric equivalent circuit export for transformer
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