iModeler – Fast PDK Model Generation

Xpeedic iModeler provides RFIC designers a fast solution for RF passive design in Cadence Virtuoso platform. The solution employs a full-wave 3D EM solver with both multi-core and distributed parallelization feature that greatly reduces the EM simulation time. It includes several types of tools for modeling and parameter extraction which can deal with most cases. This software will make RF passive device design easier and increase the efficiency.

  • Easy generate Pcell and PDK model.
  • Built-in MoM cap, MiM cap, inductor and transformer template,Parameterized result exploration with built-in template.

  • Easy export to equivalent circuit.
Main Features
  • Passive model generation in Cadence Virtuoso
  • Support multi – thread matrix calculation, improve the calculation speed and efficiency
  • Support DRC, LVS and RCX extraction in PDK generation process
  • Auto defined mesh size based on model physical size
  • Support multicore parallelization calculation and distributed processing
  • Support optimized rectangle-triangle mixed mesh result in mesh element reduction and mesh regularization
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