IRIS – Fast RFIC Passive Extraction

Xpeedic IRIS provides RFIC designers a 3D fast EM simulation tool integrated in Cadence Virtuoso design flow. The fast 3D method of moments solver with both multi-core and distributed parallelization greatly reduces the EM simulation time thus improves the design efficiency. The seamless integration with Virtuoso not only enables designers to stay in the Cadence design environment to perform the EM simulation which avoids the manual and error-prone layout data conversion, but also realizes the perfect convergence to front-end for design verification by automatic back-annotation. This design flow will greatly help RF IC designers to reduce the design cycles and achieve first-pass silicon success.

  • 3D full-wave accelerated method integrated Cadence virtuoso.
  • Support to mesh sidewall.
  • Support optimized rectangle-triangle mixed mesh result in mesh element reduction and mesh regularization.
Main Features
  • Accelerated MOM solution simulate complex electromagnetic environment including skin effect, proximity effect and multilayer dielectric losses
  • Support multicore parallelization calculation and distributed processing
  • Support to use multithreading technology to create Green’s functions
  • Auto port searching and setting, simplifies EM setup
  • Auto via array defeaturing
  • Easy to remove hole and improve simulation speed
  • Support adaptive mesh,auto defined metal model (sheet, thick, 3D), auto defined mesh size based on model physical size
  • Multiple simulation jobs for batch run
  • Easy export to HFSS/HFSS 3D Layout project
  • Support back annotation
  • Support bias table and rho table in IRIS to account for technology variations for advanced IC nodes
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