IRIS Plus – Fast RFIC and MMIC Passive Extraction


Xpeedic IRIS Plus provides a separate 3D EM simulation tool. IRIS Plus support multi-thread calculation, its solver greatly reduce the EM simulation time, improve the design efficiency. IRIS Plus support import IRIS project file and GDS file, also integrate serpentine routing model, RFIC template modeling, and RFPCB template modeling. The IRIS Plus design flow will greatly reduce the IC design time of RFIC designer.

Key Features

• Support import IRIS project file modeling
• Support import GDS file modeling
• Support serpentine routing model modeling
• Support RFIC modeling
• Support RFPCB modeling
• Support import Allegro RFPCB component with one click
• Support stackup setting by layer
• Support mesh size setting based on frequency
• Auto port searching simplifies EM setup
• Support metal 3D model to capture sidewall effect, and make it suitable for 45nm technology and below
• Support metal-slot removal option to improve simulation speed
• Introduce multi-threading technology to Green’s Function, greatly improve the database creation efficiency
• Optimized mesh to balance speed and accuracy, support rectangle and triangle mixed mesh to improve simulation speed.
• Auto via array disfeaturing when generate mesh file.
• Support 3D model display
• Support parallel processing techniques, especially for multi-threading processing.
• Support batch simulation when multiple simulation jobs exist.
• Support EM simulation results back-annotation.
• Support export IRIS Plus model to HFSS with one click.

  • Accelerated MOM solution simulate complex electromagnetic environment including skin effect, proximity effect and multilayer dielectric losses.

  • Support modeling by import IRIS, GDS, ODB++, dxf, dwg file.

  • Easy export to HFSS.

Main Features
  • Standalone 3D EM simulation tool for RFIC, MMIC, Module, Package, RF PCB and interconnect
  • Auto port searching and setting, simplifies EM setup
  • Build-in lots of RF/Microwave passive component template
  • Support parametric and optimization sweep simulation
  • Support multicore parallelization calculation and distributed processing
  • Support to use multithreading technology to create Green’s functions
  • Support optimized rectangle-triangle mixed mesh result in mesh element reduction and mesh regularization
  • Support adaptive mesh,auto defined metal model (sheet, thick, 3D), auto defined mesh size based on model physical size
  • Optimized via’s setup and improve simulation speed
  • Support model 3D display, provide zoom in, zoom out, move and other operations
  • Multiple simulation jobs for batch run
  • Support to export model to GDS/DXF
  • Display current density in 3D view
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