Xpeedic Package Solution

Electronic products have been moving to high-speed and high-density in recent years, which requires more advanced packaging technology and system simulation verification solutions. Hermes integrates a high-precision FEM3D full-wave field solver to accurately analyze the package design of any structure. It supports arbitrary stacking of PKG designs, and it is well supported for simulation of system integration of multi-package system assembly modeling . Metis is based on a 3d-accelerated MoM electromagnetic field simulation engine technology, which provides the most efficient solution for chip level and package level in cross-scale joint simulation covering nanometer to centimeter-level. The core solver used in Metis can significantly reduce EM simulation time and improve design efficiency. Metis provides an integrated design environment for large-scale 2.5-d silicon interposer signal integrity and power integrity issues, as well as integrated chip and package joint simulation in highspeed and high-frequency complex systems. The design process provided by Hermes/Metis will greatly help esigners to shorten the IC/PKG design cycle.

HERMES SI – Package and Board level signal integrity analysis

Metis – Fast Package and IC Co-simulation