Metis – Fast Package and IC Co-simulation


The simulation and optimization of passive radio frequency circuit need to take the electromagnetic field effect into account. With the increasing working frequency, the extraction of parasitic parameters becomes more and more important.Traditional formula analytic method cannot accurately considering the skin effect and the effect of substrate loss, but efficient 3D EM simulation software of the simulation data can be more close to reality, because of its full consideration of the high frequency characteristic and device fabrication process parameters of the change, thus greatly improving the success rate of plate and the designer’s confidence.

Product Introduction

Metis is base on a 3d-accelerated MoM electromagnetic field simulation engine technology, which provides the most efficient solution for chip level encapsulation and chip/encapsulation in cross-scale joint simulation covering nanometer to centimeter-level.Metis supports cross-platform, which can meet the requirements of chip and packaging designers at the same time, as well as reverse standard back schematic diagram of electromagnetic field simulation results to realize system level joint simulation.The core solver supported by Metis can significantly reduce EM simulation time and improve design efficiency.Metis provides an integrated design environment for large-scale 2.5-d silicon interposer signal integrity and power integrity issues, as well as integrated chip and package joint simulation in high-speed and high-frequency complex systems.The design process provided by Metis will greatly help RFIC designers to shorten the IC design cycle by enabling operations such as net refactoring, identification and selection, and allowing users to quickly build SI and PI simulation models based on net information.

  • Support GDSII, Allegro .brd/.mcm/*.sip import, and crop arbitrary area for simulation.
  • Optimized mesh to balance speed and accuracy, support rectangle and triangle mixed mesh to improve simulation speed and convergence.
  • SnpExpert provides powerful S-Parameter post-process capability.
Main Features
  • Metis provides an integrated design environment to simulate SI and PI for large scale silicon interposer, and simultaneously co-simulate the complete IC and package to identify their interactions
  • Accelerated 3D planar EM solver based on the Method of Moment (MoM) delivers the best performance in both speed and accuracy, and enable chip-level packaging and ICs/packages co-simulation across a range of scales from nanometer to centimeter
  • Support ICs and package co-simulation results back-annotated to Virtuoso and enable circuit level system simulation for both Windows and Linux platform
  • Support net reconstruction and net identifying, allows easy model building for SI and PI simulation
  • Support parallel processing techniques, including multi-threading processing and distributed processing to improve solver performance speedup and efficiency, and fully utilize hardware computing resources
  • Easy export Metis simulation project to HFSS with tuned simulation setting to ensure accuracy