iModeler – Fast PDK Model Generation

Xpeedic iModeler provides RFIC designers a fast solution for RF passive design in Cadence Virtuoso platform. The solution employs a full-wave 3D EM solver with both multi-core and distributed parallelization feature that greatly reduces the EM simulation time. It includes several types of tools for modeling and parameter extraction which can deal with most cases. This software will make RF passive device design easier and increase the efficiency.


Design Environment

Xpeedic iModeler is based on Cadence Virtuoso design environment. It is used to help RF passive device designers to generate the device and model fast and precisely.

Design Flow

Xpeedic iModeler provides several flows as Regular, PDK, Synthesis and Customized, for different design purposes. Mostly the flow starts from selecting the device type. Then user shall set the device parameters so as to get the EM simulation results. At last iModeler will create several kinds of cell views for Cadence Virtuoso. The whole design flow employs a wizard.

Fast 3D EM Solver and Parallel Processing Technique

In order to achieve higher accurate simulation results, IRIS Software uses 3D full-wave EM technology, while the parallel processing technique can help to reduce the cost of simulation time.

Waveform Display

User can get a set of curves after simulation. Waveform viewer helps to display the interesting curves. It provides preset template, cloud plot and potentionmetric map.


User can generate cellviewers for Cadence Virtuoso like symbol, layout, nport and so on.User can check the cell including mesh, 3D model view and current distribution conveniently.

Process Modification

In most cases, measurement results are different from EM simulation results because of the process variation. Process modification helps the designers to find the physical parameter offsets of the device so as to makes the simulation results more reliable.