The skyrocketing growth of the wireless/mobile devices demands miniaturization, higher integration, and lower cost for the RF front end. While IC scaling with the advanced lithography does benefit the digital baseband system, it does not do the same to the RF front end, where passive components with surface mount device (SMD) technology account for 90% of the component count, 80% of the real estate size, and 70% of the cost.
Integrated Passive Devices (IPD) is such a technology to address this challenge.

Xpeedic IPD Solution

Xpeedic’s IPD technology allows designers to interconnect high-quality resistor, capacitor, and inductor on high resistivity silicon to realize the matching, filtering, or coupling functionality.

IPD has significant advantages over the conventional discrete passive devices:

  • Miniaturization
  • Higher Performance
  • Reduced Cost

First-Pass IPD Design Flow

Xpeedic has partnered with IPD foundries and developed the industry-leading design flow, which leads to first-pass silicon success.

Xpeedic’s IPD Design Flow



Test BoardTest Board


IPD Library

For today’s skyrocketing wireless market such as GSM, CDMA, LTE, WiFi, and ISM, Xpeedic has built a standard library of IPDs such as LPF, BPF, balun, diplexer, and coupler, which are ready to be licensed to build your RF front end module.

Considering many of the IPDs are customized to yield optimal design when it is integrated with other ICs in the form of system-in-package, Xpeedic is able to achieve fast turn-around for customized IPD with the help of the first-pass IPD design flow.

RF IP Library (reference)