IPD in Mobile Phones

RF front ends of mobile phones are getting more complex to accommodate evolving technologies such as carrier aggregation, MIMO and etc. More integrated RF solutions are necessary to realize advanced technologies within crowd phone space. IPD (Integrated Passive Device) is one of the promising solution to help reducing size and cost, increasing functionality for RF front-ends. With the mature and advanced IC fabrication process, IPDs can be developed significantly smaller, thinner, with greater performance and consistency than conventional passive devices.

IPD for Wireless Connections

Wireless connectivity is at every corner of our daily life. Communication is not only between people but also people-to-machine and machine-to-machine. Things are getting connected and smarter. Many of these connections need be wireless.
From great data rate video applications to low data rate remote controls, from kilometer away wireless monitor connections to meter distance PAN Bluetooth headsets, various technologies have been developed for many wireless connectivity occasions.