Sip Application Area

Wireless/mobile commnunication and IoT continue to drive the demand for systems with more functionality, smaller size, lower cost, and higher performance.
Complimentary to the system-on-chip (SoC) solution, systemin-package (SiP) has become a viable solution to satisfy this demand.

Xpeedic SiP Solution

Xpeedic’s SiP design service enables customers to achieve system miniaturization by integrating ICs from different process into one package. Furthermore, Xpeedic’s IPD can integrate the passives into a chip, which adds another level of integration in SiP.

Xpeedic SiP solution provides many benefits, including:

  • heterogeneous integration, which allows the integration of digital IC, analog IC, RF IC, and MEMS into a compact package
  • Smaller siz
  • Higher performance
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Reduced time to market
Xpeedic Turn-key SiP solution

Xpeedic has been partnered with its packaging foundries to provide the turn-key solution for customers, including:

  • Turn-key from design to manufacturing to testing
  • Full design coverage from concept to schematic to layout to simulation
  • Full simulation coverage for signal integrity, power integrity, and EMI
  • Electro-thermal co-design