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System Solution
XDS – Xpeedic RF Design and Simulation Platform


The era of popularization of 5G equipment is coming, in order to meet the requirements of RF system design and simulation, XDS provides full-process support from schematic circuit-level design, simulation of schematic diagram to layout structure design and electromagnetic simulation. XDS has a built-in linear circuit network solver and a powerful MoM multi-layer structure method of moment acceleration solution technology, which can support field-circuit co-simulation. XDS can import mainstream third-party layout design files to cut, optimize, schematic analyze and simulate the layout. Filter is one of the most demanding devices in RF front-end market. Among them, BAW and SAW filters have outstanding performance and are the preferred filter technology. However, there is currently no perfect tool that supports the entire process of BAW/SAW filter design. XDS can provide solutions for filter design. It can provide the entire design process from filter topology selection, unit optimization, layout generation, and support Co-simulation with packaging.


XDS integrates two design simulation modules, schematic environment and layout environment, as well as its supporting circuit simulation engine and EM electromagnetic field simulation engine. In addition, it provides a complete advanced analysis auxiliary module, which can help users improve design efficiency, optimize performance, statistical analysis and so on.

Schematic diagram supports hierarchical design ideas, which can help users abstract design ideas and improve the reuse efficiency of underlying circuit modules. The schematic diagram can be scanned and analyzed in frequency domain, noise analysis and advanced analysis based on basic analysis. Supporting basic elements including R, L, C, LQ, CQ, s-par, spice netlist, etc.; Supporting common microstrip lines, striplines, coaxial lines and other transmission lines; Supporting common microstrip structures, such as step transitions, turning, T-connection, etc.; Supporting common RF behavior models, such as hybrid bridge, directional coupler, circulator, power divider, phase shifter, time shifter, etc.; Supporting ideal transmission lines based on open circuit, short-circuit model of electrical length and physical length configuration; Supporting the mbvd and Mason models of BAW, the COM model of saw, and the library import management of third-party discrete devices L and C.

The layout design supports users to perform conventional 2D geometric editing, such as supports for line, rectangle, circle, polygon, sector, Boolean operations, etc., and supports the parametric design of objects. It supports importing external data (Allegro, GDS, DXF) into the layout design environment, and supports synchronous design between layout and schematic. XDS has built-in powerful MoM multi-layer structure method of moment acceleration technology to quickly and accurately simulate complex electromagnetic effects, including conductor skin effect, proximity effect and multi-dielectric loss. XDS core solver supporting multi-core computing can significantly reduce EM simulation time and improve design efficiency.

XDS has built-in smith chart function, which can provide users with convenient matching network generation function. Matching components include L, C, R, transformer, etc., which can support one-click to add the matching network to schematic diagram.

In order to assist design analysis, the software supports users tuning of design variables and real-time observation of the impact of variables on the results; XDS can optimize design objectives and has a rich built-in optimization engine, such as Quasi Newton (gradient), Pattern Search, Genetic Algorithm, random, etc. ; In order to improve the robustness of the design, DOE analysis is built in to balance the impact of design parameters on design objectives, and the built-in yield analysis function is used to evaluate the performance distribution of design indicators through the of design variables.

Main Features

  • The integrated hierarchical schematic diagram and layout design environment make it easy for users to abstract design ideas, reuse the underlying circuit modules, and improve design efficiency. It can support field-circuit joint solution simulation after hierarchical design;

  • Support layout editing and parameterization, basic graphics operations and variable graphics user parameter definitions can be performed on the layout;

  • Support the parameterization of all components in schematic diagram;

  • Support LC passive filter topology generation wizard, which can generate target filter topology with one click;

  • Support Smitch chart to assist users in finding matching networks, and import matching networks into user schematic diagrams;

  • Support Noise Figure simulation analysis;

  • Support circuit stability analysis (mu);

  • Add a new port type, Explicit Grounding;

  • Add ideal transmission line based on electrical length and physical length configuration open circuit, short circuit model TMLE, TMLEOC, TMLESC, CTMLE, microwave passive circuit, etc.

  • Support Yield analysis, use design parameters and actual physical parameter probability distribution to evaluate the design index yield rate.

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