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Data centers aggregate many electronic systems, such as servers, telecommunication equipment and storage in a single industrial-scale facility. They also include redundant power supplies and data communications connections, as well as advanced security solutions to provide reliable cloud infrastructure, networking and services and allow business continuity for the end users.

Emerging AI and 5G applications such as connected devices, smart cars, virtual reality/augmented reality, and intelligent manufacturing are driving explosive data growth. The result is unprecedented demand for compute power in cloud datacenters and communication infrastructures.

Pervasive connectivity and the breakneck speed of data growth has led to significant memory and power bottlenecks. Infrastructure devices are accelerating their migration towards leading-edge technologies in order to achieve higher performance, better power efficiency, and improved functionality – leading to better system level differentiation. In addition, high-speed interfaces are supporting faster data throughput and improved connectivity. Given the insatiable compute demand, we see customers not only using our leading edge process technologies, but also increasingly adopting our comprehensive Wafer Level System Integration technologies, as a new axis/dimension beyond traditional Moore’s-Law scaling.

Xpeedic's Industry-leading DataCenter Solution

Xpeedic DataCenter Solution is to address the complex electromagnetic issues related to the entire data center industry chain from semiconductor, electronic to electrical systems. The solution includes comprehensive simulation technologies of electromagnetic, RF, signal integrity, and power integrity from chip, package, PCB board, and even a complete system.


IRIS for on-chip passive modeling

Metis for package extraction  

Metis for interposer modeling

Metis for IC/package co-simulation

Hermes for package /substrate simulation

Hermes for package/PCB co-simulation

A suite of tools for High-speed PCB SI simulation 

SI simulation for connector and cable design

Heracles for high-speed PCB automated SI sign-off


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