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Xpeedic RF/Microwave solution accelerates the designs of highly integrated RF module and system with its differentiating chip-package-system EDA tools and mass-production proven filter IPs.




  • IRIS On-chip passive modeling and simulation for RFIC designs with accelerated 3D EM solver, and certified by advanced nodes technologies

  • iModeler Passive model generation with built-in MoM cap, MiM cap, inductor and transformer templates, parameterized result exploration with built-in templates.

  • iVerifier Fast passive verification by comparing the EM results of the PDK parameterized models, the neural network training model results, and the SPICE results of the equivalent circuit


  • XDS RF system-level design and simulation platform providing schematic design and simulation, post-layout electromagnetic simulation, EM-circuit co-simulation and tuning/optimization.


  • XDS has built-in RF filter solutions to provide customized services for filter design with entire design flow from filter topology selection, cell optimization, layout generation, and support co-simulation with packaging.

Mass-Production Proven Filter IP

Hybrid Filter

  • Xpeedic has a broad filter portfolio with diversified filter technologies including IPD, SAW, and BAW. Combining the advantage from each different filter technology in conjunction with the innovative system-in-package solution, Xpeedic's hybrid filter provides the best performance in terms of bandwidth, roll-off skirt, out-of-band rejection, and power handling.


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