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LibManager – Library Management Platform



LibManager is a web-based library management system. This system is used to import, search and manage various libraries, including HDL, IPD and PDK. The system provides operational history information and version control of the library. As a web application system based on B/S architecture, it’s simple to set-up and maintain. Anyone with IE browsing experience can get accustomed to it in a matter of minutes. LibManager ensures data access consistency by introducing a version control system, publishing and updating HDL libraries regularly to file servers throughout the whole company. LibManager can automatically compare and match the PDM systems when users enter and import library files, or produce complete and consistent library files, instead of manual maintainance to improve library correctness and productivity. Powerful component search and download features help users to find, modify, re-use devices and review library documents. Statistical graphs help users to see detailed data about library category, device number, utilization ratio, and even library management effort.

Product Introduction

As a web based library management platform, LibManager uses three layer distributed architecture to ensure system scalability and flexibility. The presentation layer is the first layer to interact with business layer via TCP/IP, Java, and automated test scripts to provide excellent user experience. The business layer in charge of priority, queue management and service processing. The last data layer is used to manage databases, FTP servers and more.

  • B/S architecture based system, and easy to deploy,upgrade and use.

  • Supported single component import and batch import with defined template.

  • Supported dynamic configure properties for component, and easy to extend.

Main Features

  • Providing approval flow, ensure every component is approved

  • Intergrated with version control system, to ensure data consitency,integrated and security

  • Supported browse component online, provided multiple filter to simplified searching component

  • Provide operation history and library stat by graph

  • Supported customized code, to perform enterprise standard

  • Supported synchronize with PDM with property priority

  • Real-time synchronize the library to let engineer using latest library

  • Supported mutiple role with different priority, such as administrator and normal user

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