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SnpExpert——S -parameter Analysis Software



S-parameters, also known as scattering parameters, are primarily used in the design of high-frequency circuits such as RF and microwave circuits. With the development of high-bandwidth and high-speed digital circuits, S-parameters have become widely used in high-speed digital circuit design to analyze issues related to signal integrity, such as reflection, crosstalk, and jitter. SnpExpert is a professional tool for displaying and analyzing S-parameters. It not only facilitates users in examining the frequency domain characteristics of the system, including S, Y, and Z parameters, but also rapidly displays time-domain TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) information.

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• Support drawing S-parameters and TDR in both single-ended and differential modes in grid form.

• Built-in quality check of S-parameters, including passivity, causality, reciprocity, and stability. It incorporates a forced correction algorithm to improve the quality of S-parameters.

• Support all COM protocols for margin calculations to channels.

• Integrates calculating such as FEXT, NEXT, PSXT, ILD, ICN, ICR, IL_fitted, ILD_rms, and ICR_fit.

• Support standard protocols, including IEEE 802.3ap, IEEE 802.3ba, IEEE 802.3bj, OIF CEI-25G/28G, SAS 3.0, PCIe 3.0, SATA 3.2, and UCIe.

• Support rational fitting of S-parameters to generate broadband Spice models in various formats.

• Built-in three de-embedding methods: Open-Short, Thru-Only, and Halve, for calculating the S-parameters of fixtures and DUTs.

• Support multiple Dk/Df extraction methods to meet different application scenarios. The optimization mode can automatically extract the optimal values of Dk, Df, and surface roughness based on the selected transmission line type,including microstrip line, stripline, and CPW.

• Support eye diagram drawing of NRZ and PAM-4 modulation. It allows the incorporation of equalization techniques such as  pre-emphasis, CTLE, FIR, FFE, and DFE at the Tx or Rx buffer side, with settings for code length, sampling rate, and rise/fall time.

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