Smart terminals —— Enable high-speed digital experience



With the continuous development of communication technology, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, a variety of smart terminals have widely penetrated into everywhere in the society and become a key element in changing lifestyles and production. Smart terminals integrate the functionalities such as computing, communication, entertainment , online shopping and so on  which provide users with a more convenient and efficient experience by connecting to the Internet. Products mainly include smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, and smart speakers for individual consumers. , VR\AR, etc., high-definition cameras, control tablets, sensors, AGVs and industrial robots for industry applications. In the future, smart terminals will become more and more intelligent, personalized and popular, play  an important role in people's daily life and work. Thus, the market space is very huge.


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Take smartphone as an example, during the evolution from feature phones to smart phones, the continuous improvement of  communication network speed and low-power processor capabilities plays a very key role. Driven by these two forces, the APP software ecosystem becomes more complete which has provided great convenience for people's daily life. The high-speed connection of smart terminals directly determines the final user experience. Common transmission signal formats include mobile signals (2G\3G\4G\5G\5G-A), WiFi , Bluetooth, GPS \ Beidou , NFC and NB-IoT, etc. The quality of signal transmission depends on network coverage and terminal device capabilities, the hardware involved mainly include antennas, radio frequency front-end modules, analog-to-digital conversion chips, signal processing chips and application processor chips, etc. As terminal device becomes highly integrated, the component design of miniaturization, high performance and low power consumption becomes more and more important. High-speed digital connections need to resolve the issues in terms of signal integrity, power integrity, electromagnetic compatibility, heat dissipation and stress reliability for wireless electronic systems.


To improve the design of chips, modules and systems for smart terminals, Xpeedic provides one-stop full-process EDA solution to accelerate the product development and enable high-speed digital connections of smart terminals.