Multi-physics Simulation

Notus——SI/PI/Thermal/Stress Simulation and Analysis



Notus is a new simulation platform for signal integrity, power integrity and thermal analysis of package and board. Notus uses a variety of electromagnetic technologies to provide complete simulation process of different applications, such as power supply DC analysis, power supply frequency domain impedance analysis, decoupling capacitor optimization, signal topology extraction and simulation, signal interconnection modeling, electrothermal co-simulation and thermal stress analysis. Notus helps users easily analyze and design products with qualified power systems and signal interconnections. Notus can support complex structures, such as stacked die , multi-board simulation, complicated packaging structures, etc.

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• Notus DC provides comprehensive DC power analysis for low-voltage, high-current PCB and package products. Notus DC can ensure the end-to-end voltage drop margin of each device and ensure the stable supply of the power network. Notus DC can also quickly detect and locate areas where the current density exceeds the constraint, and output the current values of Vias, Bump/Ball and Wirebond , thereby reducing product risks. .

• Power AC analysis is a frequency domain impedance simulation tool for chips, packages and PCB. Through simulation, the frequency domain impedance of the power supply network is extracted, and is analyzed to optimize the layout and decoupling capacitors, thereby improving the performance of the system, achieving higher design density and faster data transmission,  and accelerating product design cycles.

• Decoupling capacitor optimization analysis helps designers comprehensively consider the performance and cost of PCB or Package power delivery system. Combined with the electromagnetic field simulation engine and proprietary optimization algorithms, it helps users quickly obtain the best capacitor decoupling and layout scheme.

• Electrothermal co-simulation can simultaneously consider the effects of device heat and Joule heat to accurately evaluate the temperature changes of the system.

• Supports the completion of static analysis under temperature field excitation based on thermal analysis , thereby obtaining the thermal stress analysis results of the model.

• Integrated the advanced MoMSolverplus engine, combined with efficient and accurate via modeling, Notus provides a fast and accurate electromagnetic field modeling solution for signal buses to meet engineering requirements.

• Circuit topology extraction and simulation provides a solution to quickly check the quality of signal waveforms. The tool can automatically determine the routing and via structure, and extract the interconnect models to create the circuit topology, then get the time domain waveforms with spice simulator.

• Python script support, the operations can be recorded and edited to facilitate simulation automation.

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