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Hermes 3D——3D FEM Simulation for Arbitrary 3D Structure and Antenna



Hermes is the industry's leading system-level three-dimensional electromagnetic field simulation platform. It provides package board-level signal model extraction, electromagnetic simulation of any three-dimensional structure, RLGC parameter extraction and board-level antenna simulation. It is based on a self-developed three-dimensional full-wave high-precision electromagnetic simulation engine. It can meet the efficiency and accuracy requirements of 3D modeling solutions, and can support cross-scale simulations from nanometer to centimeter levels. Distributed parallel computing capabilities help users complete accurate modeling and simulation so as to achieve rapid iteration of product design and development.

Hermes 3D is one of the processes of Hermes , which supports electromagnetic field simulation of any 3D structure.


Key Features 1696749638582079.jpg

• It supports the import of mainstream 3D design files such as SAT and STP . The software can automatically grab the geometric center point of the model and quickly complete the input and assembly of the model through operations such as moving, copying, and mirroring. It also supports the direct import of AEDT engineering models.

• The built-in DTC capacitor template can perform parametric modeling by setting the unit, stacking thickness and material, Trench main parameters, and Metal main parameters, which can support the solution of the DC~100GHz frequency band.

• Support the modeling and simulation of board-level array antennas. The embedded three-dimensional full-wave electromagnetic field simulation engine FEM3D supports simulation frequency solutions from DC to THz , and is equipped with near-field and far-field data post-processing functions.

• based on SBR (bouncing ray method) is mainly used to simulate the electrical performance of antennas on electrically large platforms (aircrafts, cars, ships) and other application environments, and free space targets (metal materials, dielectric coating materials ), the far-field characteristics of the reflector antenna, etc.

• 3D full-wave electromagnetic simulation based on FIT (Finite integration technique ) algorithm provides an electromagnetic simulation environment with wide applicability and high design freedom, which can be used in antenna design, radio frequency passive device design, EMI/EMC simulation verification , etc.

• Using adaptive mesh technology and provides two simulation modes: " Accuracy" and " Speed" . Users can quickly switch mesh and FEM3D Solver settings according to simulation needs, improving the software's usability.

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