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RF Front End Market Trend

More Bands Toward High Frequencies

  • With 5G coming, the RFFE market is experiencing a new wave of fast growth of over 8% annually with the push for higher frequencies, more CA and MIMO technologies.
  • 5G is moving to higher frequencies with sub-6GHz and mmWave.

More Integration with System-in-Package

  • System integration & size reduction: increasing number of bands and complexity of 5G RF front-ends drives the need for miniaturization.
  • RF front end is more modularized than ever before with highly integrated configuration.
More Filters

  • Filters in the form of IPD, SAW, BAW or their combination are needed to meet the diversified demands for higher frequency, larger bandwidth and better performance on insertion loss and out-of-band rejection.

Global Filter Supply Chain

Xpeedic plays an important role in global 5G RFFE supply Chain. It provides RFFE filters and modules for mobile phone and IoT customers with its innovative filter and system-in-package design platform, and was selected as one of the global leading IPD filter providers by Yole.

Xpeedic Diversified Filter Solution

Xpeedic has diversified filter technology, including IPD, BAW and SAW to meet the requirements of different frequency bands of 5G RFFE for bandwidth, insertion loss, rejection, isolation and other different performance indicators.
Stable foundry and packaging supply chain partnership has contributed to the mass production of Xpeedic filters, providing services to module and system manufacturers.
Exclusive customized filter design EDA platform XDS not only covers filter of different technologies, but also provides filter package co-simulation, which greatly improves the efficiency of filter design and development.

Xpeedic Filter Roadmap