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5G Mobile

5G network represents the next milestone in mobile communications through large-scale multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) , beamforming antenna arrays, millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum, and carrier aggregation (CA) to target more traffic and capacity , with less delay and power consumption.
These core technologies have greatly increased the number of channels of RF front-end chips in mobile terminals, and drive the amount of transceivers, filters, antenna tuning, switches and other devices to increase on a large scale.

5G Infrastructure

5G infrastructure is the core of the 5G network, providing wireless coverage and realizing wireless signal transmission between the wired communication network and wireless terminals.
The EM reliability between channels poses big challenges to infrastructure chip and system design. The high-speed interconnection between the internal units of the infrastructure also requires high-quality modeling and design for 5G connectors and 5G wiring harnesses.

Data Center/HPC Solution

Pervasive connectivity and the breakneck speed of data growth has led to significant memory and power bottlenecks. Infrastructure devices are accelerating their migration towards leading-edge technologies in order to achieve higher performance, better power efficiency, and improved functionality – leading to better system level differentiation.
In addition, high-speed interfaces are supporting faster data throughput and improved connectivity.


The IoT enables almost any system to leverage the Internet and the eco-system of Cloud Computing in order to innovate and make a diverse range of objects smarter and more aware.
Although IoT devices come in many different form factors, they all require common functional modules with data security, sensor and drive connections, signal and power integrity considerations. To meet these requirements while reducing the cost and power consumption is a big challenge.

Automotive Electronics

We are experiencing a transportation evolution. On-demand ride sharing will replace car ownership substantially as predicted, hybrid and electrical vehicles are growing in popularity.
Applications in intelligence, connectivity, sensing and control are evolving to keep pace with the growing complexity in safer, greener and smarter vehicle design, including ADAS and IVI.