Xpeedic Announces Major Release

of its High Speed SI and



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RFIC Solution

Xpeedic RFIC solution is Xpeedic’s flagship product tailored to RFIC applications, which includes RFIC passive extraction tool, fast PDK model generation tool and RF passive PDK verification tool.

High Speed SI Solution

Xpeedic’s high speed SI solution provides a fast and accurate way to model and simulate the discontinuities along the path and optimze the channel performance.

Chip Miniaturization Solution

Xpeedic’s standard and customized RF front end IPD solution and SiP solutions provide a shortcut for 3D miniaturization

Accelerate your IC design

With IoT and intelligent terminal industry booming, SiP, IPD and the corresponding EDA tools have become major forces behind the development of modern wireless and mobile communication.
After more than four years growth, Xpeedic has made remarkable achievements in these three segment for design cycles shorten, integrated miniaturization, and system integration. Xpeedic has the absolute leadership position in the Chinese market.

About Us

Founded in 2010 by a team of industry experts, Xpeedic is a global leading provider of EDA software, IPD, and turn-key SiP design solution.

Our mission is to help customers with high performance
EDA tools and differentiating electronic design solution in the area of high speed digital designs, IC package designs, and RF analog mixed-signal designs.

Our tools and solutions are widely adopted by the companies making smartphone, tablet, wearable devices and high speed data communication devices.

  • Our Team

    Our management team and 50+ engineering team have extensive experience in developing industry-leading EDA software and a proven track record for successfully delivering engineering service projects.

  • Our Customers

    Xpeedic is the provider for the largest IC design company in China, the largest foundry in China and widely adopted by advanced IC design, packaing and system integration companies.

  • Our Investors

    Xpeedic has raised three funding rounds since its founding, and the latest Series-B is from China Fortune-Tech Capital and Shanghai Capital.

  • Our Operation Center

    China Shanghai、Suzhou
    USA Seattle


Xpeedic Announces Major Release of its High Speed SI and RFIC EDA Tools

Shanghai, China. — Jan 15, 2016 —Xpeedic announces the new major software release of its flagship high peed SI and RFIC EDA tools within the latest 2016.01 version. These tools will be showcased in Xpeedic’s booth (#323) at this year’s DesignCon in Santa Clara, Calif., Jan 20-21, 2016.
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Xpeedic EDA Tools Selected to be in ICC EDA Platform

Shanghai, China. – December 24, 2015 – Xpeedic, a leading provider of EDA, IPD and SiP solution, today announced the partnership with Shanghai ICC (IC Industry Promotion Center).Xpeedic’s EDA flagship tools in high speed digital and RF IC designs are now part of ICC’s EDA service platform.