Press Release

Xpeedic Release One-stop EDA solution to SI/PI/Multi-physics Analysis at DesignCon2024


Xpeedic today released one-stop EDA solution to SI/PI/Multi-physics analysis for electronic systems, at DesignCon 2024 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara.

Solution Highlights :

  • Metis: Dedicated electromagnetic simulation platform for 2.5D/3DIC Chiplet advanced packaging designs. Metis supports the pre-simulation and analysis for various interposer routings. It  integrates interposer templates from the industry's mainstream 2.5D/3D packaging processes, which enables users to select the suitable routing types,  set up dimension parameters and conduct a fast and accurate evaluation of the interposer routing. Metis can extract S-parameter and frequency-dependent RLCG parameter for signal links and power supply networks in the advanced package design. Due to the advanced algorithm-based solver and intelligent meshing technology, it allows large-capacity and high-frequency electromagnetic simulation for 2.5D/3D heterogeneous packages. Compared with the other tools in the industry, Metis has great advantages of higher speed and lower memory consumption for the simulation of advanced packaging structures.

  • Hermes: 3D Full-wave electromagnetic simulation platform for next-generation electronic systems. The platform provides Hermes Layered, Hermes 3D and Hermes X3D EM simulation tools for package/board level systems. The three tools respectively meet the demands for package/board level signal model extraction, EM simulation of arbitrary 3D structure (connectors, board-level antennas, etc.), and RLCG parameter extraction/SPICE model generation. Hermes supports the EM simulation with the frequencies from DC to THz. The analysis and optimization efficiency of designed models can be greatly improved by the adaptive meshing technology and distributed parallel computing.

  • Notus : Multi-physics analysis platform for PI/SI/thermal of chip, package and PCB. Based on Xpeedic’s powerful EM and multi-physics solver technology, Notus provides a more efficient and automated methodology to meet users’ demands for signal integrity, power integrity, electro-thermal and thermal-stress analysis. The platform supports a comprehensive simulation and analysis flow, including power DC analysis, power AC analysis, decoupling capacitor optimization, signal topology extraction, signal interconnection modeling, electro-thermal evaluation, thermal-stress analysis, and so on.

  • ChannelExpert : Signal integrity simulation and analysis platform for next-generation digital systems. With the graphical circuit simulation interaction, this platform offers a fast, accurate and easy way to analyze and verify high-speed digital channels. ChannelExpert supports multiple channel analysis scenarios which consist of frequency domain S-parameter, time domain Eye-diagram, statistical Eye-diagram, COM and parametric scanning and optimization. In the new released version, ChannelExpert not only is compatible with Hermes/Notus EM modeling tools to enable the circuit and field co-simulation, but also furtherly integrates the advanced XSPICE simulation engine and templated AMI model builder so as to support the accurate simulation for buffer models (IBIS/AMI), S-parameter models, transmission line models and Spice models. ChannelExpert allows pre- and post- simulation of various DDR/SerDes types.