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5G Infrastructure
5G Infrastructure


5G infrastructure is the core of the 5G network, providing wireless coverage and realizing wireless signal transmission between the wired communication network and wireless terminals. Since the higher the frequency, the greater the attenuation during signal propagation, 5G infrastructures need to introduce an ultra-dense networking architecture to ensure high-speed data transmission in a small area.

At the same time, the 5G infrastructure architecture has also undergone major changes. Unlike the BBU+RRU architecture of the 4G, the 5G infrastructure is reconstructed into three parts: CU (Central Unit), DU (Distributed Unit) and AAU/RRU (Remote RF unit). RRU has many channels, and the electromagnetic reliability between these channels poses a big challenge to the chip and system design. In addition, the high-speed interconnection between the internal units of the infrastructure also requires high quality 5G connectors and 5G wiring harnesses modeling and design.

Xpeedic's Industry-leading 5G Infrastructure Solution

Xpeedic 5G infrastructure solution mainly addresses the challenges of signal integrity and impedance matching in the design and simulation process of each RF chip, module, PCB within RF system for 5G infrastructure. The solution includes the electromagnetic analysis and optimization for RF chips and packages, RF PCBs, etc.


IRIS for on-chip passive modeling

Metis for package extraction  

Metis for IC/package co-simulation

Hermes for package /substrate simulation

A suite of tools for High-speed PCB SI simulation

Heracles for high-speed PCB automated SI sign-off

XDS for RF Module/PCB simulation


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