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Automotive Electronics
Automotive Electronics


It is exciting as we are experiencing a transportation evolution. On-demand ride sharing will replace car ownership substantially as predicted, in response to environmental regulations and governmental policy, hybrid and electrical vehicles are growing in popularity.

  • Carmakers are offering ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) features that minimize human error factors to make travel safer and smoother. RADAR and LiDAR-based technologies play a critical role in ADAS, enabling features such as adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking, blind spot detection, collision warnings and more, while paving the way for fully autonomous driving.

  • Consumer experiences with personal electronics are shaping expectations for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systemsmaking it a fast-evolving segment of the automotive industry. Vehicle occupants expect to be entertained, connected and able to seamlessly access information and content from a variety of sources, seamlessly derive our already inseparable "connected life" into a new “connected car” area. Greater processing power, high in-car bandwidth, secure external communication links all combine to ensure that you can build an advanced infotainment system.

    Applications in intelligence, connectivity, sensing and control are evolving to keep pace with the growing complexity in safer, greener and smarter vehicle design. Every new application requires more semiconductor components, more adanced packaging technology integrating the most advanced communication technology, with which drive 80% of today's automotive innovation. Semiconductor innovation has never been more important.

Xpeedic's Industry-leading Automotive Electronics Solution

Xpeedic Automotive Electronics Solution is to address the complex electromagnetic issues related to the entire automotive electronics industry chain from semiconductor, electronic to electrical systems. The solution includes comprehensive simulation technologies for electromagnetic, RF, and signal integrity in various aspects such as automotive chips and packaging, RF/high-speed PCBs, automotive electronic equipment, vehicle wiring harnesses and electrical systems.


IRIS for on-chip passive modeling

Metis for package extraction  

Metis for interposer modeling

Metis for IC/package co-simulation

Hermes for package substrate simulation

Hermes for package/PCB co-simulation

A suite of tools for High-speed PCB SI simulation

XDS for RF Module/PCB simulation

SI simulation for harness/cable design


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