Press Release

EDA Release – ViaExpert 2018

We are glad to announce that Xpeedic released the 3D Via Modeling and Simulation —— ViaExpert 2018 this month.

ViaExpert2018 is an industry-leading via modeling and simulation tool. It supports remote and distributed simulation that are managed by Xpeedic Distributed Processing Management(XDPM), manual wiring, and Keepout parameterized library and CMF/SMP modules to provide better solutions for design optimization of 56Gbps and higher speed system.

What's new in ViaExpert 2018

  • Support HPC, remote and local simulation under the management of XDPM (Xpeedic Distributed Processing Management) module to maximize high computing machine availability.

  • Unify simulation jobs submit and status monitor flow in "Submit Job" and "Job Manager" to support more user-friendly and real-time feedback batch run.

  • Support arbitrary parameterized keepout definition, management and usage in 2D footprint window to explore the optimal antipad geometry. The keepout shape can be defined by the unite of lines/arcs or regular parameterized geometries.

  • Adjust 2D footprint window features to "Footprint"page and categorized as "Via", "Trace", "Port", "Keepout"and “Component” to give user intuitive and convenient operation links.

  • Support single-ended and differential manual routing with obstacle avoidance capability.

  • Support arbitrary via array define, move, duplicate, align top/bottom/left/right, distribute horizontally/vertically, undo and redo features in 2D footprint window.

  • Add CMF and SMP template to quick build and explore capacitor and SMP performance.

  • Support the RLC boundary to add RLC circuits in serials or in parallel, also mark RLC boundary position for both 2D/3D view if added.

  • Add "Material Library" module to unify frequency dependent material define, modify, export and re-use flow across different projects, and even different teams.

  • Support showing or hiding metal layers in the 2D footprint window.

  • Support parametric of layer thickness, trace width with multiple segments for both template and layout flow and combined anti-pad, also export parameterized parameters to HFSS.

  • Code-level integration of SnpExpert basic S-parameter and TDR plot features to give user more user-friendly flow to explore simulation results.

  • Support easy and efficient Allegro to ViaExpert plugins, export allegro layout to ViaExpert with only one-click based on net selection.

  • Support opening ViaExpert project by double click.

  • Automatically save ViaExpert project status and user settings at user defined interval.