Preliminary Modeling

iModeler——Automated PDK Model Generation



iModeler is an on-chip passive device modeling and synthesis tool that supports the rapid creation of PDKs for various process nodes . Full-band three-dimensional electromagnetic simulation and optimization algorithms based on parametric models can improve the speed and accuracy of PDK modeling. Rich built-in The template library can quickly create Pcells for passive devices , making the design of passive devices easier and more efficient.

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• Seamlessly integrated with Cadence Virtuoso integrated circuit software, using the graphical interface of the Virtuoso platform, you can open the required model based on the model template that needs to be created and set relevant parameters for modeling, including various model physical parameter settings, electromagnetic simulation parameter settings, scanning parameter settings and PDK creation settings, etc.

• Built-in rich on-chip passive device model library, such as various types of inductors, capacitors, transmission lines, transformers and other on-chip passive device templates.

• It adopts full-band three-dimensional electromagnetic simulation technology and supports parallel processing technology to help the design obtain high-precision simulation results and greatly shorten the simulation time.

• Create electrical parameters and equivalent circuit models based on parametric model optimization algorithms.

• Based on the comprehensive function of the differential evolution algorithm, the required electrical parameters and related constraints are input and the relevant required devices can be obtained.

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